Does your insurance agency have a sales process? 

(And I don’t mean flying by the seat of your pants)


“Time to make the donuts”

Unless you are too young you remember the Dunkin Donuts commercial “Time to make the donuts!” It showed the same character every day getting up answering the bell and making the donuts. 

 One of the most successful people that most of us all know is Nick Saban. Nick started his amazing journey in my backyard at the University of Toledo. If you have ever listened to him he built his life around one fundamental thing – PROCESS! He enjoys his success for minutes before he is back to the process.

Having a process is fundamental to success. No matter how charismatic, personable, or motivated a sales team is, they are missing out on opportunities and effectiveness by not having a sales process. 

So, does your insurance agency have a sales process?

I am going to spend the next weeks sharing some ideas I have cobbled together about the Sales Process. Especially, the inbound insurance sales process.

You need to build a unique process that best features you or your firm’s strengths. There are similarities but they are not the same from shop to shop.


The Purpose of a Sales Process

Can’t we just let our sales people loose and let them do what they do best? This is a great idea until the dreaded final hour. By doing this, you are setting up an expectation then killing them when they don’t meet it. 

Instead of focusing entirely on the outcome, focus on the process that leads to the outcome. 

(Take a listen to Nick Saban talking process and how he brings out the best results in his players) 

 A sales process creates a roadmap for all of your sales people. It breaks down the steps necessary for success.

There are quite a few benefits to having a sales process:

  • Success for new producers – anyone who follows the process should see results.
  • Better forecasting – with a process, you know what is realistic for your sales team and the potential for your agency.
  • More Predictability – when the process is mapped out, you can know exactly where your business will be based on what is currently happening.
  • Improved Efficiency – takes the guess work out of everyday sales.
  • Organization for your team- everyone knows their role and where the hands offs are.

The purpose of creating a sales process for your insurance agency is so that your sales people can become more successful and so that your agency can take the guess work out of what’s going on.

With a sales process, the sales manager doesn’t have to guess where the sales people are struggling and sales people don’t have to guess in their day to day interactions.

If you feel as though you’re guessing in every steps of your sales activity, then it’s time to consider creating a sales process.


Follow the Yellow Brick Road – The steps of the sales process

inbuzz sales process

Let’s look at the steps I will be sharing with you over the next weeks and months. First you need to sit down and imagine the entire process, an outline of the trip, so to speak.  It will have some unforeseen twists and turns but knowing what you want ultimately and building backwards is the best way to establish the PROCESS.

The steps we will discuss at length I will summarize in this post. The components to the PROCESS are:

  • The plan – What do you wish to accomplish, how will you accomplish your goals? What tools will you employ? What targets will you have? Who will be in the process? This is a time of questioning and establishing your playbook.
  • Prospecting – Where will you position yourself to be found on the buyers journey. Do you have a place along the road you wish to engage the suspect to move them to a prospect?
  • Generating Leads – What are the best way to generate leads. What are some successful tools that have better ROI.
  • Appointments – There are often several appointments along the sales process. What are they and can they happen simultaneously. What is the most important appointment and why? When do you move forward and when do you walk away.
  • Proposals – What is the most effective ways to be noticed and remembered? Is it a flashy PowerPoint or is it taking on a project to show your ability. Is it bringing an new product or demonstrating you are best to handle what they already have?
  • Closing – What are effective ways of following up without ever saying I’m following up.
  • After the sale – The job is not done! Remember Coach Saban only enjoys the win for the moment. What are the things we need to focus on after a sale. Is it the buyer experience? Is it the ability to turn a client into an advocate?

I want to dig into each one of these steps along the road and see if I can share some ideas and tools for you to best establish your PROCESS.

Make sure to subscribe to this blog so that you do not miss the upcoming posts. If you have questions any time throughout the upcoming weeks in our discussion then feel free to leave a comment or connect directly with me. 



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