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Finding clients and writing business is the life blood of your insurance agency. Without new clients and sales your business will obviously not survive. However, sales is more than just making sales pitches to strangers.

Sure if you call enough people with a canned sales call you eventually you will get someone to say yes. But to get really good at finding good insurance clients and selling in a way that both parties benefit is a process.

This article will help new insurance agents understand the process of finding clients but will also help seasoned sales people identify where they could improve and increase their sales. 


How to find insurance Clients

Have you Identified your ideal customer?

Before you even think about picking up the phone or sending out an email, you have to know who you want to do business with. Do you want to write personal lines, business lines, deal with retirement planning, etc… Then take it one step further and identify WHO you want to do business with.

Is it middle age, average Joe contractor who is a hard worker but not into much technology? Is it young tech entrepreneurs who prefer doing business with technology? Is it families with young children and a relevantly new home?

When you know exactly who your ideal customer is it makes them so much easier to find and sell to because:

  1. You know who you are looking for
  2. You can align your selling points with their values
  3. You can laser focus your marketing and business operations

I understand the feeling of scrambling around looking for new insurance clients. But just because someone is breathing does not mean they are a good potential client. Read this article to learn how to identify the right potential client.


Are your Prospecting for your ideal customer?

Prospecting is going out to search for customers. If you want to grow your book of business you have to have some type of prospecting plan in place.

When a sales organization is not selling, it almost always goes back to the lack of prospects in the pipeline. So, if you are not finding insurance clients like you would like to, you need to assess your prospecting initiatives.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Networking (offline and online)
  • Cold calling
  • Asking for referrals and referral marketing

While it’s a tough job, if you can keep your pipeline full, you will be constantly selling. The problem with most sales people is that they are not prospecting where their ideal customers are.

Are you prospecting in the worst possible ways? Here is an article that discusses prospecting strategies and breaks down the pros and cons of each.


It doesn’t just end with finding them.

Are you setting good appointments with your prospects?

The whole point of prospecting is to get that first appointment. Not just any appointments, but appointments worth having.

When prospects enter the pipeline don’t just send a quote and that’s the end of the communication. Establish time and a reason, to meet with your prospects and use this as an opportunity to help them address their needs.

Here are some tips to help you establish good appointments with your prospects:

  • When setting an appointment, does the prospect believe they will reap a benefit from it or are they doing you a favor?
  • Build credibility and trustworthiness before you ask to meet.
  • Create a tailored presentation. Do not ask them to meet simply so you can give them a quote and present a canned closing technique.
  • Know what you want to achieve for yourself and the client before stepping into the meeting.

How well are your appointments going, and before you say “good,” really think about it. Are potential clients walking away to never speak with you again? Are your relationships with prospects worst off after the appointments? If your appointments are not leading to sales, then they are not good appointments. Read this article and find out how to good appointments.


How well do you Follow up?

Appointments can go a lot of ways.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe – I have to think about it.
  • Sounds good, let me talk to my spouse/partner

But what do you do after the appointment? Do you wait by the phone hoping they call back or do you have a follow up process?

Regardless of what the prospect says during or after an appointment, you must know how to follow up and respond. Appointments can go a lot of different ways but failing to follow up is hardly going to result in selling more insurance.

If you are prospecting and meeting with potential clients but not writing business like you think you should be, then the problem is probably in the follow up process. This guide will help your follow up process regardless of whether the prospect says yes, no, or maybe.


Are you actually Closing sales?

Closing is the most important part of sales. All the appointments in the world do not matter without the ability to close them. This is where many sales people get caught up.

You have prospects, you felt as though you had a good solution but you’re not closing the sale.

If you are struggling to close then ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you leaving them hanging or have you laid out a timeline and expectations of what they should do next?
  • Are you using canned closing techniques?
  • Is your solution actually a good fit for them?

When it comes time for closing we need to ensure both parties know what is happening and how you BOTH are moving forward. We must also realize that sometimes our solution is not a good fit and we can not force our solution on them if it will not work in their best interest.

Closing can be uncomfortable. Many sales people start off squeamish at the close because of the discomfort and the pressure of making the sale. However, if done correctly the process should be smooth and comfortable. If you are sweating bullets when it comes time to close then you should read this article on the process of closing well, and if you are closing but it is not working you should check out this article on how to effectively present and close insurance clients.


Working with insurance clients does not end after a sale

Your relationship with new found clients should not end after the sale. Do not think of sales as selling policies, but building your book of business.

After the initial sale, you will want to focus on some additional processes with your clients. Things like:

  • Retaining clients
  • Getting referrals from clients
  • Turning clients into higher premium clients.

Sales is a continual process. You will never get to the point in your sales where you do not have to find more clients or have good sit down appointments with clients. However it can get easier as you get better.


How good are you at finding insurance clients and selling insurance? What areas do you rock at and where do you struggle? Let us know in the comment section below.