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Marketing Tools

Grow using powerful Marketing Tools.

Landing Page Builder

Easily convert prospects and website visitors with an easy to manage landing page builder. Pre-built templates, drag and drop customizations, with a point-and-click editor makes creating landing pages easy and nearly instantaneous.

Blogging Tool

Fuel the top of your funnel with a drag and drop blog builder. Create optimized blogs easily with built-in templates, point and click editor, and built-in settings such as an RSS syndication.

Email Marketing Tool

Touch clients and prospects at all steps in your funnel with a powerful email marketing tool. Easily create marketing emails, newsletter, or automated emails with this drag and drop email tool.

Dynamic Form Builder

Capture data and create a seamless marketing experience for website visitors with the user-friendly form builder. Create custom fields, drag and drop fields where you want them to go, and create customizable CSS styling, so your forms match all your webpages. The Form builder also has 3rd party integrations in the event you want the power of these forms without changing every form on your site.

Social Media Management

Manage your social presence at the heart of your marketing efforts. Create and schedule social posts with the scheduling tool. Monitor mentions of your business and social conversations. Identify hot leads and brand advocates to turn your social presence into a business tool.

Ad Retargeting Platform

Drive more leads and increase marketing ROI with a built-in remarketing platform (PerfectAudience). Retarget the 98% of visitors who don’t convert on your website with this easy to use Mobile, Web, and Facebook, retargeting platform. Identify who you want to reach, upload your creative, input desired ad spend, and done.

Dynamic Persona Management

Produce higher conversions and a more personalized user experience with an integrated persona tool. Create personas and automatically change content with this unique tool. Use personas to create dynamic content in landing pages and emails, rules for targeted automation, and fine tune your communications based on behaviors and interest.

List Segmentation

Improve engagement and conversions by segmenting your prospects and clients into lists. Create static lists or rules-based lists to segment your contacts to deliver your marketing message to the right people at the right time.

Sales Tools

Boost your Sales Team’s Performance


Synchronize your marketing and sales initiatives with an integrated CRM. View your contacts’ information, marketing engagement, sales process, tasks, and more all in one place. This allows you to paint the full picture of your marketing and sales initiatives allowing for improved results.

Visitor ID

Identify anonymous web visitors who have not filled out a form. The Visitor ID tracks anonymous website visitors with a reverse IP lookup and identifies the companies that visit your site. This tool can access a contact’s information including names, emails, and phone numbers. It also shows you pages visited, refering URLs and search terms used.

Contact Manager

Empower your sales team and improve sales appointments with the contact manager. The contact manager houses a contact’s information, list memberships, campaigns and allows you to see a detailed timeline of activity between a contact and your business.

In-app Calling

Increase producitivty and work from anywhere with the in-app calling feature. With in-app calling you can follow up with leads immediately with this once click. Calls come directly from your personal phone line.

Video Conferencing Tool

Bring your prospects, clients, or team “face to face” with a built-in video conferencing tool. Save travel time and improve the effectiveness of phone meetings with this easy to use tool. Start a meeting with a single click and invite others with ease.

Personal Meeting Link

Save time and better organized with a personal meeting link. With one click, a prospect or client can schedule a meeting with you using your email calendar. No more back and forths asking “what time works for you?”

Smart Mail

Save time, increase productivity, and increase conversions with smart mail. Smart Mail replaces redundant follow-up emails and requests for information. With the option to customize or send as is, you can send pre-built emails with the click of a button to anyone in your contact manager.

Lead Scoring

Improve your sales process and time management with Lead Scoring. Lead scoring allows you to follow up with the right leads and spend time with those who are more likely to buy. Quickly see who is ready for sales, who needs to be qualified, and which prospects are not a good fit.

Visual Pipeline

Get an instant overview of each prospect’s progress through the sales cycle with a Visual Pipeline. Manage your sales funnel and make decisions with all the relevant information easily in view. The drag and drop interface makes managing your pipeline simple.

Automation Capabilities

Automate at Every Stage in your Funnel.

Automated Workflows

Create powerful automation based on lead behavior with automated workflows and action groups. Send automated follow-ups, notify your team of lead behavior with automated notifications, and even assign tasks automatically.


Increase site conversions and create a better user experience with customized chatbots. Create a site-wide chatbot or specialized bots for specific pages. Customize the look and how they respond to different audience types with ease.

Mail Sync

Save time and unify conversations by connecting your inbox directly into the CRM. Mail Sync allows the emails you send from your inbox to be recorded in the CRM automatically. No need to go back and forth or copy and paste conversations into your CRM.

3rd Party Integrations

Connect to hundreds of third-party software providers with APIs and Zapier connections. Continue using your favorite apps and customize your marketing automation experience with seemless integrations.

Analytic Tools

Prove and Improve Marketing ROI.

Traffic and Web Insights

Easily track your website visits and traffic information with Web Insights and Traffic Sources analytics. Discover your unique visitors, see what pages people are viewing, compare traffic sources in addition to various other site statistics.

Campaign Insights

Reveal the end-to-end ROI of marketing efforts with Campaign Insights. This reporting tool compares marketing costs to conversions and revenue earned creating a full picture of how well different campaigns are working overtime. This tool can also be used for offline marketing campaigns as well.

Independent Marketing Reports

See how well an individual marketing activity has performed with independent marketing reports. With these reports, you can see how well an email, form, or piece of media is performing.

Various Sales Reports

Get the full view of how well your sales department is performing with a number of sales reports. Forecast potential sales numbers with the Pipeline Value report, gauge your business’s sales funnel with the Opportunity Health report, and track detailed performance with the Conversion Analysis, Won/Lost, and Sales Performance reports.

Create Custom Reports

See the information your business needs to see with the ability to create custom reports. Customize reports to include the information you need, filter out the information you don’t. Use full-spectrum marketing data analytics to turn raw data into actionable ideas.

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