Insurance marketing and sales coaching

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Overview of Coaching Services

Our coaching services are customized to meet your needs. From getting off the ground floor to optimizing for increased success, we meet you where you are and help you get to the next step. 

Types of Projects:

  • Business planning/budgeting
  • Sales and marketing integration
  • Workflows & Best practices
  • Audits
    • Web presence
    • E&O
    • Sales processes
  • Marketing Training
  • Sales Training

Think of us as your agency’s digital personal coach. From project work to coaching calls with your team, we will provide the expertise and coaching to help you meet your goals, whatever they may be.

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Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Digital Efforts and See Better Results?

What to Expect

The main objective of the inBuzz coaching service is to meet the goals of the client. This will vary from client to client based on the goals of the organization. As we step into the role of your trusted marketing and sales coaches we will help you to create a strategic plan of attack, work with each and every employee who has a role in the process and follow up to ensure the work is going as required to complete the desired goals.

Your business can expect a number of things when selecting inBuzz’s coaching services:

  • Increased Knowledge of Marketing and Sales
  •  Increased Results
  • Optimized Processes
  •  The Ability to Take Control of your Digital Success

The Coaching Process

Core Beliefs and Rationale

We believe that digital means of doing business are what will separate the average agencies from those that will survive. We also believe that every agency’s digital practices should be unique to their business, personality, and ideal clients. This means that cookie-cutter options and pre-populating articles on websites just simply will not do. If you want success through digital means you must take control and create a digital experience that works for your organization and ideal clients.

Step 1. Our program starts by exploring your unique brand then creating a strategic plan which fits your unique business.

Step 2. Next, we look for available resources from companies (co-op opportunities, free resources, discounted programs, etc…) that will immediately discount the price of our services.

Step 3. Finally, we will work with you and your people step by step building your digital process.

The Results: We believe that through this system, we can help your business become more profitable while saving you time, frustration, and stress.

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