Insurance Marketing and Sales Services

Take control of your Agency’s Digital Marketing and Inbound Sales!

In-House Training

Train Staff in an effective, no-hassle way

Jump start your digital practices with in-house training. Get your people on the same page in this training style teaching in your office on your time.

Hands-on Workshops

An Interactive Learning Experience

Get fully immersed into doing business digitally with these hands on, interactive, roll up your sleeves workshops.

Customized Coaching

Hire a pro for your team

Want 1 on 1 coaching for your team? We offer the chance to walk hand in hand with you and your staff as you build your digital presence and sales team.

Book inBuzz to Speak

Nationally Recognized Speakers

Looking for someone to speak at your next conference, meeting or luncheon? The speakers at inBuzz educate your audience and take them to the next level.

Let us show you how to get better results with our workshops, customized training, consulting and speaking engagements.

Whether you are handling the marketing yourself, having an employee take charge or farming the task out to someone else—you must first have an understanding of how it all works and what the benefits of digital marketing will be to your business. 

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Not sure what you are looking for?

We can help you find the Service that is right for you.


Think of us as your personal trainers.

There are many companies willing to blog, post on social and do your SEO. We are not one of them. We believe your digital efforts are best done in-house.

This is is why we empower you and your agency to take control of digital marketing.

We know the insurance industry.

Our story started within a small agency. We needed to make a change and digital was our only hope. We took a dive in, (got banged up a little) but emerged as a digital force to reckon with.

Now we bring our expertise as an agency owner, sales manager, COO, and marketing department to your agency.

We understand digital marketing and sales, and we understand insurance.

No fluff. Just real solutions.

We know that when many agents ask questions related to digital they get a generic “because you have to” type of answer. -this isn’t us.

When agents ask real questions they expect real answers. And it is our duty to ensure that when agents ask we are able to respond.

We don’t do one-sized fits all.

How an agency is going to utilize digital marketing and inbound sales is going to look very different then the agency down the road or the company with the same markets.

Our business philosophy is that we should  cater each training, workshop or any other service offered around the needs of our clients.