InBuzz Marketing Automation Benefits

A Smarter Way to Grow & Adapt

Powerful. Strategic. Affordable.

Your agency can finally adapt to modern technology and improve your processes without the headaches. Using our insurance experience and a top rated platform you get affordable costs and the support you need. We know insurance and we know sales and marketing. Explore how our solution can help your agency adapt and grow.

Increase Leads and New Business

In order to grow in our digital world, every insurance agency needs a digital strategy and the right tools.

Our solution provides you with the essentials to compete in a digital world:

  • A Strategic Plan for Marketing and Sales
  • Digital Sales and Marketing Tools
  • 4 “built for you” Automated Campaigns

Unlike other software providers who leave you with technology but no knowledge to use it, we provide the technology, tools and guidance for generating new business.

Increased leads example

Become Organized and Efficient

One of the biggest challenges for sales people and marketers is having a system in place to help them do their job more efficiently. Too many agencies are stumbling with an overload of tools and systems that don’t communicate back and forth.

With our solution you can manage the chaos and breath new life into your marketing and sales efforts with:

  • All the tools you need in one place
  • Visual prospect management
  • CRM and Automated Tools

Being organized and efficient is not just about convenience. It also means improvements to your bottom line.

Improve Results with Better Data

Stop guessing with your agency practices. With the right analytics and data, insurance agencies can get a better understanding of what is working and what needs to go.

Eliminate the guesswork and track ROI with a number of tools:

  • Marketing and Sales Reporting
  • Website and traffic Analytics
  • Campaign ROI tracking

With the help of the right data tools your agency is able to become more strategic with spends and make better business decisions.

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Ready to grow your Agency?

Most of the insurance industry is adapting new technology to help their businesses grow, but not all technology is created equal. Those who have the right tools and the guidance to use them well are the ones who will see growth.

Ready to learn how we can help you grow?