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Overview of Educational Workshops

Our educational workshops are a true hands-on learning experience. Instead of sitting through another lecture that gives facts, figures but no real solutions, our workshops provide hands-on activities for you to truly learn what to do with your marketing and sales. 

Workshop Offerings:

  • Digital Marketing and Inbound Sales
  • Content Creation
  • Branding
  • Advanced Marketing and Sales
  • Customized Offerings

Whether you are looking to train your staff, association members or agencies, we provide varying levels of workshops to immerse your people into the topic of your choosing.

In-house training Options:

  • Full day
  • 2-day

In addition to the time spent in the learning facility, participants will also receive follow up consulting to continue the learning experience. This consulting will be focused on the main action items of the participant. For details or to discuss options with us use the contact us form or call 419-855-5001.

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What to Expect

When you choose inBuzz to put on an educational workshop, expect the light bulbs to finally go off. The participants will get brief insights into the topic and an overview to understand the what and why’s of the subject. After the initial overview they will dive into real hands-on activities where they will actually build the components. The tools used are real services which each participant can go live in class and use within their business.

Some examples of what the participants may walk away with:

  • Live Blog Posts
  • Optimized LinkedIn Profile
  • Free CRM
  • Free Digital Sales Tools
  • Free Email Marketing Tool w/ First Email
  • And More!

The Workshop Experience

Core Beliefs and Rationale

We believe that digital means of doing business are what will separate the average agencies from those that will survive. We also believe that every agency’s digital practices should be unique to their business, personality and ideal clients. This means that cookie cutter options and pre-populating articles on websites just simply will not do. If you want success through digital means you must take control and created a digital experience that works for your organization and ideal clients.

Step 1. Our program starts by exploring your unique brand then creating a strategic plan which fits your unique business.

Step 2. Next we look for available resources from companies (co-op opportunities, free resources, discounted programs, etc…) that will immediately discount the price of our services.

Step 3. Finally we will work with you and your people step by step building your digital process.

The Results: We believe that through this system, we can help your business become more profitable while saving you time, frustration and stress.

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