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With changes in digital marketing, you have to adapt and do it quickly! However, reactive adoption can cause issues. Miscommunication, lack of integration, duplication of tasks and unwise spending are some of the potential pitfalls.

To avoid these issues it’s smart to, first, incorporate automation into your workflow. Second, you’ll want to match the right program and marketing and sales automation agency to assist you.

While there are many different marketing automation providers out there, finding just the right one for your company may not be as simple as it sounds.

Today we will explore the benefits of working with a marketing automation agency and how to decide the best fit.


Save time and money

Companies that use the services of a marketing automation agency end up saving time and money in the long run (and often even in the short run).

Although there’s an initial investment required, spending well-planned funds on the right marketing automation agency will more than pay for itself over time. Take it from someone who has bumped into a lot of trees in my journey, picking the right partners is very important.

This is what we see when insurance agencies go at automation alone:

  • They spend too much money on automation platform features they don’t need
  • They spend way too much time fumbling through a platform in attempt to learn what to do.

If you’ve already purchased marketing automation in the past, then you know how challenging it can be to know what to buy and how to use it off the shelf.

Using a marketing automation agency will ensure you are only paying for features you need and will free up time by educating you on the best ways to use the platform.


Get more out of your platform

Using a marketing automation agency will allow you to get more out of your platform in less time. Insurance agents often only use a small amount of the features at their fingertips.

Working with a marketing agency can allow you to get the most out of your automation in several ways:

  • Ensuring your team understands the platform which is crucial to any success you’ll have.
  • Giving your agency a second look to ensure campaigns are properly setup
  • Helping you navigate technical issues and avoiding potential future problems
  • Using their expertise to help you improved results
  • Providing specialty solutions

Here at Inbuzz we ensure our clients fully understand what they have in their platform and help them to optimize the platform for top performance. As a value add for our clients we’ve even developed built-for-you automated workflows that your agency can plug and play.

When you’re getting the most out of your automated platform you’re not only getting better results with it, you’re also eliminating frustrations and building excitement for the platform.


Improve ROI

Is your marketing an expense or revenue generator? For most, it’s an expense which is why most insurance agents go for the cheapest solutions.

During my times as an agency owner, other owners criticized how much we invested into marketing and sales automation. We invested a lot, but we also saw a large return on what we spent. So, who’s program really cost more? The cheaper solution that became an expense or our investment which led to a positive ROI?

The number one thing that the right marketing automation agency will help your company do is boost ROI. Here are a few ways they can do that:

  • Improving your campaigns
  • Helping you to identify opportunities and how to take advantage of them
  • Coming up with new ideas on how to utilize your platform
  • Training your team so you become more efficient with time and money spend

A marketing automation agency will help you identify opportunities along with potential problems. In doing so, you will be able to optimize your results and improve ROI.


Keep score more accurately and move more strategically

At the end of the day, marketing efforts are in vain if you can’t understand the data and results of your campaigns. Even if the results are not exactly what you wanted, you still need to be able to analyze your marketing campaign data and make changes to future campaigns.

With most automation platforms you can gather valuable customer data through analytics and view this data collectively in easy-to-read reports. These reports can be generated daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and even yearly, to give you a better look at how well your marketing efforts are paying off.

But what good is data if you don’t know how to use it for strategic action? That’s where a consultant comes in.

  • “Why was that campaign not successful?”
  • “We’re getting visitors but why are leads so low?”
  • “Our numbers are good but stagnant, how can we improve?”

Working with an automation expert will not only allow you to make better sense of your data they will also help you turn that data into improved results.

magnifying glass(read this: how to use data to improve marketing and sales ROI)


Who should you take to the dance? Picking the right Marketing Automation Consultant

Finding a marketing automation consultant can make your life a lot easier (and profitable), but who’s the right choice?

When it comes to finding the right help with your marketing automation it takes more than a web designer or a young person who knows technology. Respectively, these people know how to make your site look attractive and can easily figure out how the system works, but it takes more than that to implement, optimize or improve results with automation.

You want a consultant who understands your industry, your business and the different ways automation can become profitable to your agency. What you don’t want is to pay someone to figure it out while you’re figuring it out.

As an example, here at Inbuzz we’ve been working in the inbound and digital marketing and sales area for over ten years and we did this while owning our own insurance agency. We went through the rigors of learning and building automated workflows in both our own insurance agency and marketing agency. We understand the client journey and many of the frustrations you may face along the way.

Like every insurance agency who steps into automation, you’re doing it for the benefits. So why settle for subpar results? Find a marketing automation agency who can optimize your platform and make your goals a reality.

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