What are the first digital marketing campaigns you should try as an insurance agency? Many insurance agencies are used to traditional advertising; billboards, mailers, print ads, etc… But once they decide to step into digital marketing there is a whole new world to explore.

Because their heads are spinning, insurance agents tend to do one of three things:

  1. Buy a new website
  2. Post more on social media.
  3. Jump into whatever tactic is trending.

The reason for these three is because they are easy and they are right in front of them. It’s good to see agents jumping in, but randomly jumping in is not always the best idea.

When it comes to digital marketing, there are four marketing campaigns insurance agents should tackle first. These marketing campaigns have little entry barriers and by implementing these campaigns first, agents can see quicker results, a higher marketing ROI, and will make things easier to shape your marketing strategy down the line.


What you will need for these campaigns

Before we get started, take note that there are some things you will need to execute these campaigns well.

As we discuss these four marketing campaigns you will see why I have suggested the items listed above. If you don’t have everything listed above, don’t panic. It’s quite painless to get the above items in order.

Now, onto the top marketing campaigns your insurance agency should start running.


“We want you back” campaign

How many clients do you lose to competitors? How many of those clients do you know are better off with you?

As consumers, we like you as an insurance agent, but sometimes the grass can look greener on the other side of the fence, so we switch. Or we get frustrated with something (even if it’s our own doing) and feel our only option is to go elsewhere.

What many insurance agents don’t realize is that a few months later we can be less satisfied with our new insurance provider but feel silly going back to you.

So, welcome them back! Create a “we want you back” campaign that gives them the opportunity to come back when they change their mind.


What’s a “we want you back” campaign and how do you create it?

A “We want you back” campaign is a marketing campaign that allows you to target clients who leave your agency with a marketing message to bring them back.

Ideally, this is created with a series of automated marketing emails but can also be tied in with other tools such as direct mailers or sales calls.

The best way to create a “we want you back” marketing campaign is to create a series of automated marketing emails aimed at keeping the relationship strong until their renewal when you can requote their insurance.

Here’s an example of how this might work:

  • Client cancels all policies


  • 1 week after cancellation they receive the first email. “We are sorry to see you go. Please give us feedback (include survey link) as to why you have decided to go elsewhere. If you ever wish to come back to our agency we will gladly welcome you back.”


  • 45 days after cancellation. “We want to continue adding value to your insurance experience. Here is a checklist to review your current insurance coverage to ensure you are properly covered and that you are receiving all of your discounts.”


  • 150 days after cancellation. “We are just checking in to see how things are going. We were sorry to see you go last year and we wanted to take a moment to see if we could requote your insurance.


You may also want to include follow up phone calls and unique content addressing their individual reasons for leaving.

The messaging and the timing will be unique to your agency. A good way of thinking about this is to think about how you would approach these people face to face. When would be the appropriate time to approach different conversations?


Upsell and Cross-sell campaigns

How many monoline auto or home only clients do you have in your agency management system? What about home and auto customers who may have a business as well? What about higher net worth clients who have an Ho-3 when they should have an HO-5? Or what about contractors who are without professional liability?

Think about how much revenue your agency may be missing out on because you never simply told them the opportunity is available.

In many cases this campaign provides a win-win scenario because clients often end up with better coverage and in some cases, they even save money.


How to create an upsell or cross-sell campaign?

Realistically you will have different campaigns going for upselling or cross-selling but for sake of brevity and clarity of this blog, we will discuss them together.

In its simplest form, you will be creating several marketing emails tailored to the benefits of picking up an additional policy.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Send emails to your entire client base.
  2. Send laser-focused emails for each client group. I.e. monoline auto clients get specific emails, while high net gets different emails, etc.

Sending to your entire database could work. Many agencies have a monthly newsletter that includes a “tip of the week” or something of that nature dedicated to discussing a topic that could lead to an upsell/cross-sell opportunity. But, while you may catch some engagement, it discusses topics that may not be relevant for most of the people receiving your emails.

By laser focusing on each segment of your database independently, you can keep the conversation focused on their unique solutions and the benefits they will receive. This will lead to increase engagement and increased conversions.


“Quoted but Lost the Sale” Campaign

Have you ever had a really good sales call or a perfect fit prospect who you for one reason or another chose not to buy from you?

How often do you really go back and reconnect with these people? Take a moment to think about how many good prospects a year you fail to turn into sales. Approximately how much would that be revenue-wise?

That number is exactly why you need a “quoted but lost the sale” campaign.


What is a lost sale campaign and how do you build one?

Losing a prospect happens to all of us. Whether it is timing, your quote couldn’t compete with their current provider, or some other roadblock stopped them from doing business with you, sometimes the sale just doesn’t fall in our favor. But just because a prospect said no, it doesn’t mean they never want to do business with you.

A lost sale campaign is designed to target good-fit prospects that you quoted but couldn’t secure the sale. Its purpose is to put you into the position to quote their insurance again but with a higher likelihood of success.

Here are some ideas of what to do:

  • Connect with them. Connect with them on social media or if you cross paths make it a point to say “hello.” The purpose of this is to stay in their realm and front of mind so they don’t forget about you.
  • Find ways to add value. Continue fostering the relationship and keeping the lead warm.
  • Ask to requote their insurance. When their renewal comes around again, tackle their earlier object or issue to open the door to requote their insurance.

At this point, you got your prospect to take the biggest step which is letting you quote their insurance. Don’t let the opportunity go just because they said no the first time.

Stay connected with them and continue to address their needs giving them confidence in you as their solution. Then when the timing is right, ask to quote their insurance again.

Like the other marketing campaigns discussed in this blog, we suggest setting up a series of automated marketing emails. These emails will do the heavy lifting of staying connected and offering to quote their insurance again.

You’ve already gone through the hardest part of the sales process. Use this campaign to tackle the missed opportunity by staying front of mind.


Onboarding, Retention, and Referral Campaign

What is your retention rate? How many referrals are you actively generating from clients? The best revenue stream an agency has is from their current clients. Are you taking advantage of that?

Using an onboarding campaign, you can do 2 things:

  1. Increase your retention rate.
  2. Increase your referrals.

Your agency’s well-being and growth heavily depend on the two items listed above. If you are losing clients as fast as you bring them in, or you aren’t using them to generate warm leads then your growth will continue to be stagnant.

This type of campaign isn’t necessarily a huge revenue booster per se, but it does keep the revenue flow consistently moving upward.


What is an onboarding campaign and how do you build one?

Buyer’s remorse is very real, especially in the professional services world. It is very common for an agent to spend time and energy with a prospect and as soon as they become a client the communication stops. This can leave your client feeling like just another number and as soon as a better-looking opportunity comes along, they switch.

In order to prevent that, and generate additional referrals along the way, build an onboarding campaign that holds a client’s hand and stays in communication with them throughout their first few months or year of being with your agency.

Here are some messages you will want to include in your onboarding campaign:

  1. Send a thank you. This could be an email, a postcard, a small token of appreciation or all three.
  2. Send them the most important information they will need for their insurance. I.e. Who is the main contact person, phone numbers, where to go to file a claim, etc.
  3. In bite-sized pieces, send them info on how to get the most out of their insurance using your agency.
    • Online portals
    • Value-added services
    • Tips for organizing their insurance documents
    • Etc.
  4. Send periodical check-ins. See how they are doing and if they have any questions or concerns.
  5. Ask them to rate/review your agency online.
  6. If a positive rating, ask for referrals.

Think about the frustrations, questions or potential problems a client may run into. Prepare them ahead of time by addressing these in the onboarding campaign. This will give them a very positive first-year experience with you and it opens the door for additional business opportunities via increased reviews and referrals.


Additional Considerations

The four campaigns above tend to be the easiest to adapt and tend to let insurance agencies see a return from their marketing right away. However, I understand that no two agencies are identical and that these campaigns do not start with the snap of a finger.

So, before you leave, there are a couple more considerations to address.


What are your goals?

The first thing any insurance agency or business should do when looking at which marketing campaigns to run is to examine their goals. What are your business goals, marketing goals, and what do you want to achieve overall?

By reviewing your goals, you can better decide what to do first.

As an example: if increase your customer retention is high on the priority list then you may want to create a retention campaign.

If finding new sources of leads is number 1 on your agenda, then you may want to skip these four campaigns and dive deeper into a lead gen strategy.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to creating your own digital marketing presence. The best go-to is always your goals.


You will likely need to create content

Some agencies tend to do everything they can to avoid creating their own content. But realistically if you want to get your old clients back or get another crack at a lost prospect then you will need to add value. Value does not come from offering quotes or asking them to contact you.

In order to grab their attention, you will need to discuss things they care about. So, you will need to create content, blogs, videos, or interactive tools, that engage them throughout the campaign.


Make sure to have the platform that allows you to implement

These campaigns can be some of the easiest to get going but they need the right tools to help them run. At the beginning of this blog, we listed a few requirements. These can be established with various services:

There are several different tools with varying features you can use to implement these campaigns.

Some have limited features, some are well beyond your budget at this time, and some simply do not provide the right functionality for what you want to do.

By ensuring you have the right tool for the job, building and launching these campaigns will go much more smoothly.


There’s no such thing as a magic pill in marketing

One of the best parts of these campaigns is that they are basically one and done. Once you create them you can reuse them over and over. But always remember there is no such thing as a magic pill.

These marketing campaigns can create great results for your insurance agency, but you have to stay invested in your agency’s marketing success. That means taking the time to ensure these campaigns are built well, and it also means looking for additional marketing opportunities for your agency.

These campaigns will be a great start to your marketing success but don’t stop here! There are many marketing opportunities that can help explode your agency’s growth.


Take the guesswork out of your marketing

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