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You Talking to Me…You Talking to Me?


Do you remember the famous line from Taxi Driver? Well I wanted to spring form this to the importance of who you are speaking to when you are working on your insurance marketing programs.

It is important whether it is email, blog or even social media.  The insurance agency we had has been very successful in driving people to our website and converting leads. But in all honesty some of these leads are not what we wanted or needed. Part of this was a result of us flying blind in our inbound marketing efforts. We just started throwing you know what at the wall, hoping something would stick.

As our marketing programs grew, we realized that in order to create further value, without sucking up more resources, we would need to define who we were talking to and cater the message to them. We did this with profiles and personas.


Is your marketing message the same for everyone?

I do a lot of lecturing and I use an example often of how I might talk to a female dinner guest. I use the example to illustrate the importance of message.

At this dinner I also have tickets to a show immediately after dinner. My guest is taking her time eating and I am concerned we will miss the curtain. Now the way I will try to talk to my guest differs depending on who she is. If she is a three year old niece, or a twenty something co-worker, my thirty year old daughter, fifty something year old spouse or my late eighties year old mother in law I have to deal with a different message.

The three years old might be “Shut up and eat, we are going to be late.”

The co-worker might be “Do you mind if I get the bill so we don’t miss the show?”

My thirty year old daughter “Do you always have to be late?”

My wife “Honey take your time!, It’s only Hamilton!”

And my 80 year old mother in law, is not a good example because we don’t speak to each other, but you get the picture. So, a one size fits all message is not a good way to convert inbound marketing to inbound sales.

So what do you do? We like to work with people in developing profiles and personas.


Profiles and Personas

Aren’t these the same thing? No they really are not. A Profile is trying to identify the type of business you are trying to attract. You develop a profile of a type of niche to develop content for. If it is B2B you identify an industry. Let’s say Printers. But not just any printer, make sure it is one that you have good content and good solutions for. How many employees do they have, sales, location, etc? Then what do you have that you feel they will need?

For B2C you might want to again see what your niche is. High net worth personal lines clients for instance. What are their neighborhoods, home values, occupations etc.

You try and pick at a higher level and overall criteria to establish your Profile. So I would say try to envision a fictitious printer and what would it look like if you drove by? The same with your high net worth profile. Imagine the neighborhood and what it looks like.

Now you drill down to establish the Persona.

You have selected printers as your profile. Now who at that printer is the target of your marketing? Would it be the owner of a smaller firm or the CFO or the Operations Manager for larger firms. Who would this person be and what are their pain points and motivations? What are their typical personality types? An owner may be looking at improvement in cost, or productivity but a CFO or Operational Manager may be looking at convenience or inconvenience.

For the high net worth client it would make you want to focus on the person you envision making the decisions in that home. Who is likely to be the advocate and decision maker?

When you develop a persona you almost have to see the person who, in the past, would be the ultimate prospect sitting across a table from you. The persona would include things like; is it likely to be a man or woman? What is the age range of this typical persona? What personality type would they be? A CFO may be cautious and the owner a risk taker. What is their income level and profession types.

Here is a really good tutorial and worksheet for you to use that helps you develop Personas. It is a really straightforward step by step tool.

Once you develop these profiles you can ID potential lead suspects. And then try to clean the list to sources that really do fit into the optimum demographic. Once you have the profile set then drill down to who you want to talk to in that building. You may want to talk to more than one.

From this point you start your conversation. For the owner the message of your marketing content might be about big wins. The CFO the message might be avoiding big losses.


Remember who you are talking to

Another caution for those of you who are beginning to try and have these conversations you need to look at who you talk to and how you talk. In the past our online strategy was to look as good as possible and the message was usually a large dose of Me…Me…Me.

In the world of inbound sales and inbound marketing it is about Them not You. Your conversation should be topics they are looking for, not how you are the second coming of the solution to what they are looking for. Content is about building value and trust. Actions do speak louder than self-centered blogs, tweet and emails.

We used the ready, shoot, aim method of marketing for our insurance agency. It brought us results but they were not always desirable. We ranked for keywords that were great but also for ones that attracted people we did not want knocking at our website’s door.

Remember, in order to attract the right type of business for your agency, you need to:

  1. Profile your ideal client
  2. Create a persona of the person you want to target
  3. And cater the message to that persona individually and specifically.

By doing this, your insurance agency’s inbound marketing program will attract the right type of business.

Confused on what this all means or simply don’t know where to start? Reach out and I can help you create your first profile and persona to get moving on the right foot. 

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