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Insurance agents are seeking sales and marketing automation as a solution to their growth problem. The promised benefits sound like the breath of fresh air they need but there are many unanswered questions and roadblocks in the way. One major question is how marketing automation helps an insurance agency generate new business growth.

“I think our agency really needs an automated platform, but I really don’t see how it brings in sales.” “Won’t having another system make more work for my staff and me?” Are your internal conversations similar?

In our conversations with agencies, many think a marketing automation platform is what they need although they aren’t quite sure how it gets them where they need to be. This is a fair question that unfortunately, ends up becoming a stumbling block.

In today’s post we are going to answer this question and help you understand how sales and marketing automation can help your agency bring in new business so you can make an informed decision.


Open More Doors with Automated Campaigns

One way that sales and marketing software can help your agency is with automated campaigns. These automated campaigns can improve sales rates, lead to higher conversions and can generate more revenue from your existing book of business.

Insurance agencies without automation have a very simple sales process:

  • Have the initial contact with a prospect.
  • Provide them with a quote.
  • They either write the business or not.
  • Occasionally do an annual review with clients.

If this is your only process, then you are losing out on many opportunities. What happens to all the prospects who don’t buy from you, do you ever follow back up? What happens to the marketing leads who never pick up the phone from a sales call? Is there a process to up-sell the clients who only ask you to quote their home, business, or auto policy? Do your clients refer you?

Your agency has opportunities right around the corner. The problem is that you and your people don’t have the time to take advantage of them. This is where automated campaigns come in.


Automated Campaign Examples 

By creating automated campaigns your agency can use the contacts you already have to produce more opportunities. Here are some examples of automated campaigns and what they can do for you:

  • Win-back campaigns allow you to keep in touch with lost clients and prospects then nudge them back to doing business with you.
  • Onboarding campaigns solidify the relationship between your agency and new clients. This leads to longer term client relationships and can open the door for mono-line policy holders to give you the rest of their insurance.
  • Referral campaigns are great in conjunction with onboarding campaigns and help you convert happy clients into more happy clients.
  • For those generating leads with marketing, nurturing campaigns are a necessity. These campaigns keep “not ready” prospects close until they are ready to give your agency a shot.

Automated campaigns are a great way to bring more business opportunities in by utilizing what’s already in front of you. The best part is it helps you grow while taking the extra work off your staff.

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Sell More By Improving Processes and Productivity

“If I only had a few more hours a week…” Imagine what could happen in your agency if your marketing and salespeople had more time, were more effective and were more efficient with their activities.

We see many insurance agencies who are just plain stuck in their daily activities. They have just enough business to keep themselves too busy to grow. Their salespeople are selling, and they are marketing the agency, but every day feels like a tough grind.

Marketing automation can improve your sales and marketing processes and production. Better processes and improved production mean new business opportunities for your agency.

Here are some of the ways it will help your sales and marketing teams:

For sales

  • Close more deals in less time by focusing on leads that are ready to buy.
  • Save time on repetitive tasks such as follow up emails, and meeting scheduling.
  • Better process and task management allows for more time focused on money making activities.


For marketing

  • Automated marketing campaigns allow for more time on higher level tasks.
  • Smoother hand-off to sales means less leads fall through the cracks.
  • Better defined processes lend to better production of marketing activity.


In addition to helping each department separately, an automation platform can also unify your agency. Seeing the connected big picture between marketing, sales and support staff, an insurance agency will see bolstered improvements.

With the help of marketing automation, insurance agencies can finally get the wheels turning faster and create a well-oiled machine. When you help your employees perform better, then the results will come.


Improve Marketing and Sales Results By Providing the Right Tools For The Job

Insurance agencies have been working hard to adapt to changes in how modern consumers and to adopt digital technology. One of the biggest issues we see among agencies who have adapting digital marketing and sales but are not getting results is their tools.

There are two issues we see when it comes to sales and marketing tools:

  1. Marketing and Sales don’t have any tools
  2. They have tools, but they are disjointed and impossible to manage well

From both situations several problems occur:

  • They are only generating a small amount of leads
  • Leads fall through the cracks and opportunities are missed
  • Marketing and sales processes struggle to yield results
  • Sales and marketing scramble to make something happen

Like with any job, marketing and sales requires the right tools for the job. Over the years marketing and sales has become tougher. Not having the right tools only leads to frustration.

There are several tools your marketing and sales team needs:

  • A CRM
  • Marketing and content production tools
  • Digital Sales tools
  • Behavior tracking capabilities
  • Analytic and reporting tools

While some agencies have these tools, they are often disjointed and ineffective. However, a complete marketing and sales automation platform can provide all these tools in an integrated and organized way.

Having the right tools means you’re able to build the right processes, which generates leads and allows you to more easily convert leads into sales.

A solid sales and marketing automation platform will provide all the tools your agency needs opening the door for new business opportunities.


Make More Strategic Decisions With Access to Better Data

Data has been a huge discussion point in the insurance industry over the past few years and for good reason. One aspect of data that is often overlooked, is using marketing and sales data for strategic growth.

Very few insurance agencies know how well their marketing and sales efforts are working. Often, we hear things like this:

  • Our marketing is getting our name out there
  • We are sending a lot of things out
  • There’s a lot of stuff we’re working on

To me, all these things are saying the same thing. “We are doing things but really have no idea how well they are working.” When you have access to data you can use the information to make better decisions which ultimately leads to more business opportunities. Here are some examples of using data to generate more opportunities.

  • Measuring the ROI of each marketing campaign allows you to move funds away from activities that aren’t working and invest more into those that are.
  • Tracking website data allows you to make changes which leads to better visitor-to-lead conversions and lead-to-customer conversions.
  • Tracking prospect behavior allows you to watch for which leads are sales ready and spend less time with leads that aren’t ready for sales.
  • Using sales reporting data agencies can identify gaps and strong points in their sales processes. Fixing these gaps can lead to more leads and/or sales.

When you have data on your side it is easy to look at your agency and see what changes need to happen for growth to occur.

With access to the right data your sales and marketing becomes a number’s game instead of a guessing game.

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Find The Right Tool For The Job

In this post I mentioned many different ways agencies can create new business opportunities. But, it’s important to note that not all sales and marketing automation platforms can perform all of these functions.

Some automation platforms strictly perform automated email sends, others fully incorporate every sales and marketing need and then there are varying levels in between.

The examples given throughout this post are capabilities of our marketing automation software which is considered an “all-in-one” platform. Of course, there are other solutions that have similar capabilities.

So, as you look to automation to help your insurance agency grow, take note of the functions you will need to succeed.

  • What is the best way to generate new business for your agency?
  • Are there opportunities your agency can capitalize on right away?
  • What does your staff need to succeed?

Answering these questions can help you identify what type of capabilities you need from an automated tool.

When it comes to growing your business with marketing automation the hype is real. Now that you understand how it can help generate new business for your agency your next step is deciding what tool is best for meeting your goals.




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