10 effective marketing ideas for insurance agents

Within our modern society, marketing is becoming a dominant force within the insurance industry. Technology and the internet have brought upon many different techniques agents can use to market their business but has also created a challenge in choosing which ideas to try.

In this blog, I will highlight 10 effective marketing ideas your agency can use for the advancement of your business. No B.S. No  ideas only a master magician can pull off. These are ideas you can use and implement to see results this year.

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Before we get into the marketing ideas for your agency…

There’s a lot you can be doing. What YOU should be doing is the things that align with YOUR agency’s goals. There are things that look shiny, but not everything deserves your agency’s time. There are things that are actually very effective but will not be right for you because they do not align with your agency’s goals.

So, to make things easier for you and to make this blog layout easier to come back and read (hint, hint) I have laid out the different marketing ideas by purpose.



Finding new prospects is one of the most challenging aspects of running an insurance agency but those who utilize marketing have a huge advantage.

Other aspects of your business practices such as lead gen and sales can be backed by multiple insurance marketing strategies but with prospecting there is only one tactic that can make the grade.

1. Social media

Utilizing social media marketing as part of your prospecting process can give you access to millions of potential prospects. Many sales people get bent out of shape when we talk about social media but you have to realize that these are real people. So why can’t they be potential prospects for you to read out to?

You still need to be strategic about how you use social media. Try to use groups to connect with those in your niche or search out prospects by business name or industry.

Remember prospecting is all about the CONNECTION. You wouldn’t ask the guy in front of you at McDonald’s if he wants to buy insurance immediately after he says hi, so don’t push insurance as soon as you meet someone on Social Media.


Lead generation

One of the core reasons insurance agents start marketing is for lead generation. I mean why not? With modern tools there are multiple ways to generate leads with your agency’s marketing tactics.

2. Social Media

The next step from prospect is obviously lead, so there’s no reason why this transition can not happen on Social Media. It could be something you posted that started a conversation, a question they asked to start a conversation or something you posted that sent them to your website to request information.

So be active on social media. Not just simply saying “we’re open from 8-5 and can quote your insurance!” Try to engage your audience with thoughtful posts they can engage with or even communicating with them.

3. Content creation via social

Very similar to what I said above. But by creating videos, articles and thoughtful posts and posting them on social media you can eventually generate leads to your website. Think about this. What if someone has been thinking about life insurance (you obviously would have no way to know this because you can’t read minds) and as a follow of your page they begin reading your content on life insurance. Eventually this person will likely reach out to you about life insurance.

Here’s the thing though. Not everyone is interested in life insurance, so who cares if 99% of people do not read or respond to it. Content creation is about engagement and education. You can’t force someone to want life insurance, you are simply providing the means for those who want it to find the info and connect with you who can offer the product.

4. SEO

One of the most challenging digital marketing effort, but one of the most lucrative for those who can get on Google’s front door. A successful SEO campaign will attract Googlers (is that a real word?) to your website based on their search query. While this has become exponentially more challenging over the last few years, one successful campaign can bring hundreds and even thousands of visitors to your website.

Local SEO however, is another way to help those searching for insurance in your own back yard find you. By ensuring all of your local data within Google is correct, and by getting good reviews, you can generate leads from your own back yard.

5. Paid Lead Generation

This form of insurance marketing is one of the best ways of generating leads immediately but obviously at a cost.

You can run Facebook ads, Google ads, Youtube ads, etc. And before you ask “do they work” well, that depends. Some people have tried them and swear by them, others have seen a 0% return from them. My recommendation is that you spend a little money and try it. Don’t just throw up an ad and see if it works. Get insights from those successful with those specific types of ads.

If you’re worried about costs 1) they are relatively cheap and 2) if you are running traditional ads then take the funds out of the traditional ads budget to try it.


Sales Enablement (Helping in the Sales Process)

Insurance marketing and sales should not be completely separate entities. Marketing and sales should come together for one purpose.

There is a lot that can happen when these two departments come together. Things such as lead management, sales automation, pipeline management etc… Which all are designed to help sales along the sales process and beyond.

6. Email marketing

This is a great tool for rounding accounts, keeping prospects/leads in the pipeline, up-selling (think of flood, or endorsements you may not normally get a chance to speak about.), or even to help close new business requests.

What if after quoting someone who’s leaving their last agent after a bad experience they recieve an email from you saying something like this:

“Hey, I know looking for a new agent is tough. You’re trying to find the right price and someone who is actually there for you. So, no pressure here from us – we know it can be a challenge. That’s why we wanted to let you know that if you have questions about the coverage, or your quote (or anything really) feel free to reach out. P.S. we also included a couple articles we think should be beneficial to your search and finding that perfect agent!”

Dedicated, caring experts, and the best part is that the email was automated!

Email marketing is versatile in how you use it so it can work to make sales more efficient in all areas of the sales process.

7. Video marketing

Video in general has a lot of usefulness in sales. From video meetings, to proposals, but we do not want to get too far in the weeds with video (because there is a whole lot to say!) for this blog. So, we will keep it focused specifically on marketing videos.

Branding videos or even live videos can be the determining factor in why someone chooses you over the guy down the road. If people buy from you because you are you, showcasing your agency in a video will help seal the deal and in some cases might even help open the door for cold prospects.

Why not try creating an intro video for yourself or agents that you send to prospects after meeting them or networking? Or creating product related videos that can help generate prospect interest.

Much like email, videos can be used throughout the sales process.



How your agency can meet the needs of your niche market is more important than ever. With a surplus of local competition combined with internet based companies and companies selling direct, it is essential that your marketing answers the important question of “why you?”

This is not just an opportunities for you to talk about how great you think you are, it is an opportunity to show how great you are. You can brand your agency using a number of different marketing tactics.

8. Social media

Of course social media is going to play a big part of branding. What better way for people to know what you are about other than checking out your Facebook page (and most importantly your Facebook Reviews).  

Use a combination of posts and visuals to paint the picture of who your agency is, what you represent and what it will be like doing business with you.

9. Video

Do I really have to say much here? What better branding tool is available besides video where people can actually see and watch your agency in action? They say pictures are worth a thousand words. So what are videos worth?

10. Blogging / Writing articles

When you ask insurance agents why people should do business with them, most of their responses are the same. “We are experts in _______” “We help our clients understand insurance” etc… Most agents are there as the trusted advisors so don’t just tell people that you will help them understand insurance. Prove it!

By writing articles, whether they are Linkedin Pulse articles or your own blog, can help showcase your expertise. This is a great branding strategy to show how much you know without coming out and saying we know a lot.


This is no way an all-inclusive list!

Don’t get caught up in the “best” marketing strategies to try or the articles that say “the only marketing techniques insurance agents need.” There is no such thing as the “best” strategy. Sure there are some tried and true methods and the 10 I have listed here today are included in this article because I feel every agency can utilize them with some degree of effectiveness. But agencies are thinking up many unique ways to use digital marketing in their businesses.

These 10 marketing ideas will help insurance agents get results, but don’t be afraid to break away from the tried and true methods in order to try something that only your agency can pull off!

Is there anything you’ve tried beyond this list that has worked well? Let us know in the comments below!


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