Take control of your agency's marketing.

We can show you how to start with our workshops, customized training, consulting and speaking engagements.

Whether you are handling the marketing yourself, having an employee take charge or farming the task out to someone else—you must first have an understanding of how it all works and what the benefits of digital marketing will be to your business. 

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Educational Workshops

Our two-day, Institute of Insurance Digital Marketing is offered throughout the year in a computer lab for a hands-on learning experience. We won't just tell you what to do—we will show you.
Follow this link to learn more and check the calendar.

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Digital Marketing Training

We offer personal training for every level of digital marketer. Our team offers training in social media, email marketing, video making, blogging, design, website optimization and SEO. As a Hubspot partner we also offer inbound marketing training.

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Strategic Planning

We work with small business owners to find the right tools needed to implement a strategic plan for digital marketing. The inBuzz team will help you prioritize what is most important and help you develop job sharing plans, marketing plans, budgeting and advise you on task management. Think of us as your digital marketing coach.

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Project Support

Do you have a specific project that you need help with? We can match your needs to an inBuzz instructor that can help your staff learn a new skill or assist them in completing a project. We can show them how to: design images for your website, make videos, find blog content, write effective emails, research keywords, and much more.

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Customized Consulting

Every small business has different needs and are at different stages of implenenting a digital strategy. Our consulting services are based on your skill level, marketing goals and your budget. Whether you are a beginner and don't know where to begin or you have a digital strategy that has stalled—we can train you and your staff on what to do next.

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Hubspot Partner

As a Hubspot partner, we have been trained and certified in the inbound marketing methodology. Which means that we know how to make your digital marketing generate leads and make loyal customers while you are away from the office having fun. Follow this link to learn more about inbound marketing and Hubspot. 

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Speaking Engagements

Our seasoned presenters are available to speak to Associations, Companies and Agencies on a variety of insurance and digital marketing topics. InBuzz offers short presentations and Keynote addresses that can be customized to your audience and industry.

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Search Engine Optimization

We don't expect small business owners to be experts in web design, but you should know what is important to make your site found and what makes for a good user experience. We can teach you some basic optimization skills and explain what's really important.