Educating and Training is What We Do!

Educating, training and empowering insurance agents in this fast paced,technologically advancing world is becoming harder and harder. Consumer buying behaviors have changed, how agents are doing business has changed and agencies are looking to your company to provide the answers. You have tried live events, webinars and your company has even jumped into social media but agents still need help implementing modern business tactics. So what do you do? You call inBuzz. 

We were a medium sized agency that figured out digital marketing, inbound sales, and how the modern consumers buy. It exploded our agency and now we are using this expertise to help other agents.

We are not going to simply tell insurance agents that they need to get on Facebook or start creating videos. We are going to walk them through the process and then empower them to do it within their own agency. 



The Services We Can Provide

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Educational Workshops

Half-day, Full day and even Two day workshops provide hands on learning in a computer lab. We don't just motivate or tell agents what they need to do - we roll up our sleeves and show them hands on.

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Speaking Engagements

As seasoned presenters, we are available to speak as keynotes or in the classroom as session teachers. We have taught at large open events as well as small private company specific events.

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Strategic Planning for Your Organizaion

You are dedicated to ensuring your agents are prepared but what about your organization? We can provide stratgic planning and marketing tactics for your company and staff. 

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Shared Consulting for Agents

A unique and affordable twist on consulting for insurance agents. Instead of your agents hiring us individually, you can book a large number of hours with us and allow your agents to use only the hours they need. 

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Free Tools and Resources for Agents

We are constantly creating free tools and resources for agents to take control of their marketing and sales. Many companies are placing our resources on their websites for their agents to use.

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Customized Education 

We know every company is different. We know every agency is different. And we know that everyone is at a different stage in their business. This is why we come together WITH you and help educate your agents in the most effective ways for that specific group.


We are Helping Insurance Companies Tackle some of their Biggest Obstacles

Here are a few examples:

•Helping agencies learn and adapt to current buying styles.  •Helping companies effectively communicate with their agencies. 
•Helping companies overcome their own lack of understanding modern buying behaviors to properly educate their agents.  •Providing affordable training for the agencies who want to further their business but do not have the financial means.


Let us know how we can help