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Turning Website Visitors into Real Insurance Leads

Many insurance agents get website visitors but no leads. Or the get leads but not the kind of leads they want. This is a very common problem but can be solved with a few tweaks.  

In this blog I will cover a few things you need to know and do that  will help turn those issues into relevant leads for the agency.

Why Insurance Agent Websites Don't Work

It is no secret that insurance agents are not happy with their websites. We ask agents how well they think their websites are performing and 9 out of 10 think their sites should be performing better. Agents are being told they need to buy a new website, get on social media and start blogging to see website traffic but at the end of the year they have no significant gains. 

You don't need a new insurance website, you don't need to buy some magic SEO services, all you need is to adjust these few things and your website will start gaining traffic. 

Why Do You Make It So Hard To Love Your Business?

Consumers are fickle and demanding. They have so many choices and so little patience. As businesses, we are supposed to make it easy for consumers to purchase from us, yet in reality all we do is make it hard for people to like us. We are indirectly saying go buy somewhere else! Are you making yourself approachable? And if you are approachable are you able to strike while the fire is hot?

This blog post will highlight common mistakes which are causing local businesses to fail and what the easy solutions are to get back into the top of your marketplace.

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