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Social Media Ideas for Insurance Agents

The hardest thing about social media is knowing how it works for your agency. There are all these different sites and everyone is telling you to use social media but no one is making it easy for you to.... Until now.

In this blog post I am going to give you multiple ways you can use social media as an insurance agent. The thing that makes social media hard is also where you get the most value. There are so many ways to use it but the idea is for you to find what will fit your style and use it to further your business.

There are many uses for social media, and you can't do it all. (Well maybe you can) But we really suggest you take a look at our list and find out which style will work with who you are as an agency and drive it home. Let's take a look.

How to Increase Facebook Engagement

Social media is becoming commonplace for insurance. More and more agents are signing up for Facebook either in hopes of capitalizing on it or simply because their carriers keep nudging them to. 

One common issue with Facebook however, is getting engagement. Agents are signing up, posting and seeing a whole lot of nothing. Is Facebook really worth all of the trouble if no one is even responding?

Before you complete give up on Facebook, why not take some time in understanding how to get real engagement. Once you have done this, then you can judge for yourself whether or not Facebook is good for your insurance agency.

How to Create Facebook Ads

As your industry drives your business into more online marketing, Facebook advertising will eventually come up. Just like anything, trying something new can be uncomfortable and you may very well have your doubts, but until you create a Facebook ad and try it out, you will never benefit from its potential. 

Facebook ads are easy to create, inexpensive to purchase, and provides analytics so you can see exactly how well it performed. This blog will take you step by step through the process so that you can reap the benefits of Facebook advertising.

Measuring ROI of Social Media for your Business

Many organizations spend hours on your social media outreach and have no idea if it’s successful. We've all been told that we need to be on social media so we eventually all say "OK." Social can be a great business tool, but too often we get caught up in the likes, shares and comments that we forget it should have a positive ROI just like any other marketing tool.

If you haven’t already done so, you need to find a strategy to measure your social media return on investment (ROI). Although developing a social media plan can be a considerable time and commitment, you can gain measurable benefits for your business. This blog will show you how to easily measure the ROI of your social media presence with a formula you can easily adapt into your business.

Growing your Business's Social Media Presence

Social media has become more than a marketing trend. It has become a standard business practice and an expectation of consumers. For the past few years small business owners have been pushed to join social media. They sign up, don't see the results promised and then quit. The worse part is that the people who pushed them to join had no advice to help them build it.

This blog post is not going to tell you why you need to be on social media. It is not going to tell you to go sign up for every site available. We are going to take you through the real steps of growing your business's social media presence.

Creating a Social Media Policy and Crisis Response Plan for your Business [Free Download]

Having a Social Media Plan is a must for any business. Just about every company has gotten on board with social media and even if you are not, your employees, customers and disgruntled customers are all there. We have seen the power it holds. The power to promote businesses or the power to destroy them online.

Don't let social media be the death of your company. Learn how to stay proactive and the legal repercussions that come when you are not proactive.

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