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Using SEO and Keywords to get the Business You Want

Many of you who have followed our story know that the our agency has been shaped by digital marketing. The agency was declining year and year and then with the help of digital marketing the agency was saved. Now the agency gets 1000+ yearly, qualified inquiries from digital efforts alone. (You can read our story here)

A large part of this success was due to using SEO and keywords. By using keywords we were able to carve out our niches and gain access to the markets of our choice. 

This blog helps you to understand how this works and why you should invest into these practices.

Insurance SEO How To

Insurance agents are scrambling to understand SEO. Many understand that getting found online is important but most have not figured out what it takes to get there. There are many guides that lay out the frame work for SEO but do not actually show you what to do. Knowledge is one thing, but knowing what to do is often the hard part. 

This blog post will highlight some of the main aspects of insurance SEO and how to implement for success. By the end of this post you should be able to take your next step in implementation.

Why Insurance Agent Websites Don't Work

It is no secret that insurance agents are not happy with their websites. We ask agents how well they think their websites are performing and 9 out of 10 think their sites should be performing better. Agents are being told they need to buy a new website, get on social media and start blogging to see website traffic but at the end of the year they have no significant gains. 

You don't need a new insurance website, you don't need to buy some magic SEO services, all you need is to adjust these few things and your website will start gaining traffic. 

Understanding Insurance Agency SEO {For Beginners}

Insurance Agency SEO is the talk of many agents and carriers. Everyone is telling agents they need to get on board and showing the statistics as to why it is important but no one is taking the time to help them understand it. 

If you are new to SEO and digital marketing, this blog will give you the basics in a simple and actionable way.

Guide to On-page SEO

There are many parts to an SEO strategy. Part of SEO is what you do off site such as link building while other aspects of SEO rely on what is actually on your website.

This blog is going to focus on some of the simple things you can do on your site to optimize for search engines.

Using your blog to Rank in Google and increase website visitors

Small businesses everywhere have begun blogging in hopes of ranking in Google and other search engines. This is great! But unfortunately many are not seeing the results they expect to see. They are promised increased visitors which lead to sales but once they begin they feel like they are just talking to themselves.

This article is intended to show you how to turn your blog into the sales generating machine you envisioned when you first began blogging. It will give you 6 areas to work on to achieve your goals.

Beginner's Guide to Being Found Online

Consumers have begun going online to purchase just about everything. No longer are they just buying toys and clothes but they are looking for professional services to do business with. As a business owner you've probably already been told you need to get found online, but no one has really told you what that means or how to do so.

This blog post is designed for you. We will help you understand the process to being found online, what this can do for your business and some actionable steps to take.

Where to Start in your Digital Marketing Journey

The easy part of digital marketing is knowing why you need to do it. If you are completely new to this concept you probably have no idea what is even the best place to start, and if you have gone to our Digital Marketing Boot camp you probably just have so many ideas you don't know which to do first.

We understand getting started is the hardest part which is why we wanted to write this blog post which will help you get through the start of your journey until you know enough to handle it yourself.

Keywords and SEO Ranking 101

Once you have decided that digital marketing is right for your business you will be inundated with new terms and new things your business must do. Two of the most important things you have heard about are keywords and SEO ranking. Throughout your entire digital marketing strategy these two terms will be where most of your focus lies. So, before jumping in and creating your strategy I want to help you build a solid foundation and understanding of what these are.

This blog will be easy to understand, get straight to the point and show a live examples to help you fully understand.

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