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The Best Leads come from using Profiles and Personas in Insurance Inbound Marketing

You Talking to Me…You Talking to Me?

Do you remember the famous line from Taxi Driver? Well I wanted to spring form this to the importance of who you are speaking to when you are working on your insurance marketing programs.

It is important whether it is email, blog or even social media.  The insurance agency we had has been very successful in driving people to our website and converting leads. But in all honesty some of these leads are not what we wanted or needed. Part of this was a result of us flying blind in our inbound marketing efforts. We just started throwing you know what at the wall, hoping something would stick.

As our marketing programs grew, we realized that in order to create further value, without sucking up more resources, we would need to define who we were talking to and cater the message to them. We did this with profiles and personas.

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