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What the Election of "The Donald" Means to Insurance Marketing


Boy I don’t think anyone saw the election of the POTUS going the way it did. Did you? One thing that is evident from the election even early on is our seismic shift away from traditional channels of communication and towards the power of digital and inbound marketing as well as social media.

Early on in the primaries we saw some indications of how things were changing. Before Hillary faced Donald, she had to take on Bernie. During the primaries there were some surprises. States that went Bernie that no one predicted going against Hillary. How did that happen? 

One of the things that contributed to misinformation was that pollsters were depending on traditional ideas of how to measure the electorate. One of the big disconnects was that they polled people with land lines. Do you think today that you can get and accurate picture of our country from only polling those who have a phone tethered to a wall in their house?

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