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Insurance Marketing Overview: From Start to Success

Insurance marketing is a process. Learning it takes time, implementing it takes time, and even exploring all of your options takes time. 

If you want to understand, implement and have successful marketing efforts for your insurance agency then you have to be willing to put in the energy and resources. No one can do this for you. 

We can however, provide you with everything you need to understand, implement and have success in your insurance marketing initiatives. This article outlines most of what you need to wrap your head around marketing and will help you on your way to successful implementation. All you have to do is be willing to go through the resources and put in the effort. And oh yea, you might need a little patience ;-)

Top 9 Reasons why your Insurance Marketing Campaigns Are a Waste of Money

Many insurance agents are trying new marketing campaigns which is great, but unfortunately, as we look into the reports we can see that the marketing has done nothing for the agency.

It can sometimes feel as though your marketing team is in a meeting crinkling up dollar bills and shooting them in the trash can for fun.

You want to engage in marketing, you want to wake up and have lead notifications in your inbox, but right now it may feel as though your money is better spent elsewhere. If this is the case, this article should help you identify why your marketing money is going to waste.

Quick Wins for Insurance Marketing

There are a lot of insurance marketing ideas floating around. Some marketing strategies take time to plan and implement and will contribute to much of your long term success, however, when we jump into marketing we do not always want to wait 6 months or a year to get a return on our investment. 

To balance your insurance marketing efforts, you need some quick wins that will help generate business right away as you build your long term foundations. 

This article will give you a couple of easy to implement ideas that you can potentially see results right away. 

How your Agency can Generate Insurance Leads Online

There has been a lot of talk lately about the damage technology is doing or may do to the independent insurance agent. How technology is changing the job of an agent and has the potential to put agents out of business. I have always looked at technology as a way to strengthen what the independent agent is doing.

One magnificent use for technology is to generate leads.

Buyers who traditionally would find a local agent, are going online and searching for an agent who can best handle their needs and not necessarily someone who is local.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best way to generate insurance leads online for your agency. 

What we wish we knew when we Started Marketing our Insurance Agency

Many agents are getting on board with insurance digital marketing. Agencies are purchasing new websites, joining social media sites, blogging and creating videos. Everything that has been getting pounded into their faces for the past few years. 

Unfortunately, during this time of "you have to do it" experts have encouraged agents to get on board but  many have not told agents exactly what they should be doing which has left agents with all these new sites but no new business opportunities. 

We've been there. We went from "we have all this stuff now what do we do with it?" to people asking us what we are doing to get these hundreds of leads. 

This blog post will discuss all the things we WISH we would have known to start off strong. Hopefully it will save you the early struggles we had.

How to Focus Digital Marketing Efforts

It’s amazing what a year can do, take a look back and see where you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished.

How about you? How many important things did you get done last year? What are your results?

When the things you do don’t work, it doesn't always mean what you think it does!

Marketing Disaster!? What's your Plan?


When everything around you falls apart what is your plan?

What is your plan when you lose communication channels? We are approaching that time of year when winter weather starts to take hold. What is your plan if you lose communication or digital connection? How do you get your message out?

Just like you have a backup plan in your business, what is your back up for your social media and digital marketing?

If Your Marketing Aims At Everyone You Will Hit No One

Many small businesses fail in the very beginning because they got the foundation of their business all wrong. Most small businesses begin with:

  1. The Business Owner or Owners have a passion or skill
  2. They start a business
  3. They make/develop/produce their product
  4. They find customers

With most start-ups and even existing businesses they spend too much of their limited resources before they get to the most important step. First they must ask "will the customers buy from us?" and "how much do they need to buy to support the business?"

This blog post will help you find the answer to these questions and help you to create a strategy allowing you to capitalize on the proper market.

Beginner's Guide to Being Found Online

Consumers have begun going online to purchase just about everything. No longer are they just buying toys and clothes but they are looking for professional services to do business with. As a business owner you've probably already been told you need to get found online, but no one has really told you what that means or how to do so.

This blog post is designed for you. We will help you understand the process to being found online, what this can do for your business and some actionable steps to take.

Why Do You Make It So Hard To Love Your Business?

Consumers are fickle and demanding. They have so many choices and so little patience. As businesses, we are supposed to make it easy for consumers to purchase from us, yet in reality all we do is make it hard for people to like us. We are indirectly saying go buy somewhere else! Are you making yourself approachable? And if you are approachable are you able to strike while the fire is hot?

This blog post will highlight common mistakes which are causing local businesses to fail and what the easy solutions are to get back into the top of your marketplace.

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