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Why your Internet Insurance Leads Suck

By now, many insurance agents are ready to call off the whole internet marketing thing. The only thing your website is generating is un-writable leads and you are sick of it right!? Why invest the time, money and energy into internet leads if they suck?

People talk about social media, blogging and other ways to generate insurance leads but is it just a bill of goods or are there people actually generating high quality insurance leads from the internet? 

Well, it worked for our insurance agency. Internet insurance leads saved and transformed our previous agency. It has worked for other agencies who swear by it. So why then do you only get crap delivered to your inbox?

We review a lot of websites and explore marketing programs and we have been able to lock down a few very common reasons why internet leads are so terrible for some agents but marvelous for others. In this article we will help you avoid the areas that generate bad leads and show you ways to generate quality leads.

Should you be buying leads for your insurance agency


Buying leads for insurance has been a normal practice for some time now. However, many agencies question whether or not there is a better way.

Yes you can go knock on doors but you can not knock on doors in bulk the way you can buy leads. They are convenient and can help an agency grow their book of business but are they really worth it?

This blog will discuss buying insurance leads and how you can get the most out of your money. 

How your Agency can Generate Insurance Leads Online

There has been a lot of talk lately about the damage technology is doing or may do to the independent insurance agent. How technology is changing the job of an agent and has the potential to put agents out of business. I have always looked at technology as a way to strengthen what the independent agent is doing.

One magnificent use for technology is to generate leads.

Buyers who traditionally would find a local agent, are going online and searching for an agent who can best handle their needs and not necessarily someone who is local.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best way to generate insurance leads online for your agency. 

How to bring New Business to your Agency's Doorstep

In a recent study of independent agents (read about it here ), it was found that finding new business was the number one issue for agents. This survey also reveal that competition, client expectations, competing with carriers digitally, and keeping up with technology were also big issues for agents.

In this article we are going to tackle these issues, mainly focusing on bringing new business to your agency's doorstep and the process that will trickle down and agencies deal with these other issues. 

High quality lead generation for insurance agents

Successful lead generation for insurance agents is vital to any insurance business. Without new leads to generate
new business your book will eventually become stagnant leading to a decline in profits. This is a problem faced by many local agencies. They cannot generate new leads and can barely keep their heads above water.

Our insurance agency was no different. We were declining, and our office was quiet (no phones ringing). That was until we discovered how to generate leads for our agency and begun getting around 100 business opportunities from our website alone.

4 Ways to Gain Quality Internet Insurance Leads

You are probably aware that there are millions of search queries a month for insurance related topics. You may also be aware that many of those leads are just terrible. 

From experience, we have found that there are 4 easy to implement strategies that will help your agency to gain high quality insurance leads. This blog post will explain those strategies and provide information for you to find the best option for your business.

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