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Using SEO and Keywords to get the Business You Want

Many of you who have followed our story know that the our agency has been shaped by digital marketing. The agency was declining year and year and then with the help of digital marketing the agency was saved. Now the agency gets 1000+ yearly, qualified inquiries from digital efforts alone. (You can read our story here)

A large part of this success was due to using SEO and keywords. By using keywords we were able to carve out our niches and gain access to the markets of our choice. 

This blog helps you to understand how this works and why you should invest into these practices.

How To Build a Keyword Strategy

When it comes to getting found online most businesses are doing it wrong. Many small businesses have begun blogging for their business to help them get found online but are having little success. One of the main reasons businesses are not getting found is because their keyword strategy is off or it is non existent.

This blog post will take you step by step on how to create an effective keyword strategy.

Keywords and SEO Ranking 101

Once you have decided that digital marketing is right for your business you will be inundated with new terms and new things your business must do. Two of the most important things you have heard about are keywords and SEO ranking. Throughout your entire digital marketing strategy these two terms will be where most of your focus lies. So, before jumping in and creating your strategy I want to help you build a solid foundation and understanding of what these are.

This blog will be easy to understand, get straight to the point and show a live examples to help you fully understand.

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