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How Agencies can Rank for Insurance Keywords in 2017

There has been a growing interest in SEO and keywords in the insurance industry and for good reason. With the billions of Google searches and with the majority of people wanting to research something before buying, it makes sense as a great way to attract clients. 

However, Google is changing the game in how and what type of content gets ranked in search. Where once search was about picking your keyword and blogging about it, now takes a little more savvy marketing. 

How To Build a Keyword Strategy

When it comes to getting found online most businesses are doing it wrong. Many small businesses have begun blogging for their business to help them get found online but are having little success. One of the main reasons businesses are not getting found is because their keyword strategy is off or it is non existent.

This blog post will take you step by step on how to create an effective keyword strategy.

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