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Is Your Insurance Agency Website Like "That Guy"


You know the Guy I’m talking about. He is the one who spends hours every day getting the look right. Primping and moussing his hair, making sure not a single wrinkle can be found on his designer clothing. Yeah, “that guy!” When it is all said and done, he looks like a million bucks, but when he opens his mouth, nothing comes out. Or if something comes out it is usually about him. So he ends up spending all that time trying to look good and he has nothing to add to the dialogue or no one wants to take waste the time hearing about how great he looks or what wonderful things he is known for.

So now how does “That Guy’” get compared to your website? Does your insurance agency website look nice but has nothing to truly offer? Have you spent thousands to get the look of your website just right but it is failing to attract people? If you have invested into the look or design of your website without investing in the heart of what makes it valuable then you may be "That Guy" and your site will be what it always has been.... Disappointing. You can however turn this around by adding what your site needs on the inside. 

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