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Insurance Industry Trends and The Effect on Agencies

Are We About To Meet HAL 9000

Maybe I am showing my age but I remember meeting HAL, do you? Stanley Kubrick introduced us to him in 1968 in the film “2001 a Space Odyssey.” If you are old enough to remember or young and Geeky enough to remember that movie you realize, with a certain amount of horror that machines take over.

Do we have to worry about machines taking over? Maybe a little bit. I have been gathering more studies of the direction we are headed in as Independent Insurance agents and found a couple of studies to be extremely on point as to where I see things headed. Most agent and companies are now at least on board that they need to adapt or perish in this new Digital Era.

I thought I would share in an abbreviated fashion some of the high points I took away from these studies.

2016 Insurance Industry Trends that are Threatening Agents

Many changes have happened and are occurring in the insurance industry. New companies and business models are being created that threaten the livelihood of the common agent. 

Some agents feel as though they will never be harmed by these changes while other agents have already felt the sting of the new industry trends. 

Let's take a look at these changes and explore their potential effects on your agency.

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