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Why Insurance Agents Should Pay Close Attention to the GDPR Compliance Regulations

Don’t bury your head in the sand on GDPR!

When you hear of the European Union new regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).   The changes regarding Data security, Data Collection, and Documentation Plans we should pay attention. 

Does your business control or processes data of EU citizens regardless of your location? What about your clients?

You may think …well this doesn’t affect us, but that kind of response brings to mind the person figuratively burying their head in the sand, ignoring obvious facts or refusing to accept advice, hoping that simply denying the existence of a problem will make it go away. This new regulation affects us in more ways then we think. 

In the EU this is mandatory regulation, for all the rest of us, this is an excellent time to review our plans, adjust and verify contacts in your customer and prospect lists. Because while it may not affect us directly, there will be a potentially huge ripple effect within our industry.

This article will cover what the GDPR is, why it matters to non EU businesses, and how to move towards compliance. Keep in mind however, that you should work with your data privacy expert, advisor or lawyer if you’d like advice on your interpretation of this information or its accuracy.

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