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Should I Hire an Inbound Marketing Consultant or Do My Own Marketing?


Last week I was on a panel discussing Inbound Marketing and Social Media. The first question put to the panel was “Should I hire out or do my own inbound marketing?” I was asked to be on the panel both as an insurance agency owner as well as an owner of a marketing agency. My answer to the question was…Yes.

That got a little rise out of the audience, as I did not really offer direction from my answer. I went on to share my thoughts on this and told the people attending that the answer is yes,  both can actually be effective. But the most important part of your decision is that you have to be the champion of your insurance digital marketing and social media project in either scenario.

We are constantly reviewing people’s web grades and one observation is that using a certain tool or platform for your Inbound Digital marketing does not bring the same results. We have seen many different levels of success and it all boils down to is your dedication to your own program.

Each method can work but just like insurance, no one method fits every business the same. Lets break down these different ways to build your inbound marketing and explore their pros and cons.

State of Inbound and the Battle of Marketing vs. Sales (Our Takeaway for Insurance Businesses)

"Always Be Closing as the sales Mantra is being replaced by Always be Helping."

Hubspot issued their State of Inbound Marketing 2015 report. This year they added to their report the integration of Sales and in the past the report had always focused on Marketing. This was a major shift in their data from previous reports but an important change.

Why Do You Make It So Hard To Love Your Business?

Consumers are fickle and demanding. They have so many choices and so little patience. As businesses, we are supposed to make it easy for consumers to purchase from us, yet in reality all we do is make it hard for people to like us. We are indirectly saying go buy somewhere else! Are you making yourself approachable? And if you are approachable are you able to strike while the fire is hot?

This blog post will highlight common mistakes which are causing local businesses to fail and what the easy solutions are to get back into the top of your marketplace.

What Business Professionals Really Do Online and How to Take Advantage

A recent survey conducted by Comcast on what business managers do during a week online gave us some really great insights into what we should be doing to attract new businesses. Comcast asked almost 800 businesses to track their internet activity during the week.

This blog will discuss what they found and explain how you can position your digital strategy to take advantage of these marketing opportunities.

How to take Control of your Website (and Why You Want to) for Under $40

Having a website was supposed to be a profitable business decision but for many it has turned into a big waste of money. Your website is supposed to help you establish your only presence and attract new customers but quickly you realized that no one was looking at it. Many small business owners invested thousands into a new website and have no idea if anyone is looking at it or if they've ever made a sale from it.

It shouldn't be like this. Your website should be the cornerstone of your web presence attracting new business and providing you with a positive ROI. This blog will help you start the process. We will discuss the benefits of taking control of your website, what this will look like and how to do so affordably.

Why Insurance Agents need to Attend PIAA's Institute for Insurance Digital Marketing

In this digital age sometimes our traditional business practices leave us without scrambling. If your agency is declining or remaining stagnant like ours was, it is time for a change.

Learn how the Institute for Insurance Digital Marketing (IIDM) can become a life line for your business or just another tool for success. In this blog you will discover what IIDM is, how it is different than your normal digital seminar, what you will learn, who should attend, and what type of things you will leave with.

Building your Digital Marketing Foundation

Every year the number of companies who are embracing digital marketing as part of their business plan grows exponentially. Businesses know that being online is crucial to their future so they create a website, join Facebook and think that they have entered the digital marketing world. After a few short months of not seeing results or lost enthusiasm they go back to business as usually and never have the opportunity to reap the benefits of their online presence.

To avoid this happening to you, build your digital marketing strategy on a strong foundation. This blog post will teach you how to build a strong foundation that is backed by your business plan and leads to success.

How Diversified Insurance Service went from Zero to Digital Marketing Hero (and How you can Too!)

Diversified Insurance Service in Ohio was a medium size agency trying to figure out this digital marketing thing when they brought me in as an intern. At the time we didn't even have a name for what we were actually doing. At first I was fired up to have a job where I managed a Facebook page and did the blogging, but after a year of no blog views, barely a facebook comment on our page and no real success generated from the web I was quite worried about what was going on.

In a couple short years we became found online more than any other insurance agency our size and begun making real customers from the web. This blog post tells about our journey, the steps we took and where our stats are today.

Keywords and SEO Ranking 101

Once you have decided that digital marketing is right for your business you will be inundated with new terms and new things your business must do. Two of the most important things you have heard about are keywords and SEO ranking. Throughout your entire digital marketing strategy these two terms will be where most of your focus lies. So, before jumping in and creating your strategy I want to help you build a solid foundation and understanding of what these are.

This blog will be easy to understand, get straight to the point and show a live examples to help you fully understand.

Inbound Marketing for Business Professionals

The increase in technology has not only changed the way we live our lives it has also significantly changed the way we do business. Where billboards, phonebooks, radio ads, and direct mail once reigned supreme, a new online marketing form has emerged. Some call it digital marketing, others call it content marketing but we like to call it inbound marketing.

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