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Online Commercial Insurance Marketing Ideas that Work

When our agency dove into digital marketing we expected it to mostly create opportunities for personal lines. We were thinking we would get a lot of standard autos and home quotes but instead we begun attracting small commercial accounts. 

Fast forward to now, and our insurance agency's marketing ideas are generating over 100 commercial business opportunities a month.

It is not just us though, other agencies, direct sellers and even Trusted Choice is using these same strategies to attract high quality business prospects that are ready to buy.

What we wish we knew when we Started Marketing our Insurance Agency

Many agents are getting on board with insurance digital marketing. Agencies are purchasing new websites, joining social media sites, blogging and creating videos. Everything that has been getting pounded into their faces for the past few years. 

Unfortunately, during this time of "you have to do it" experts have encouraged agents to get on board but  many have not told agents exactly what they should be doing which has left agents with all these new sites but no new business opportunities. 

We've been there. We went from "we have all this stuff now what do we do with it?" to people asking us what we are doing to get these hundreds of leads. 

This blog post will discuss all the things we WISH we would have known to start off strong. Hopefully it will save you the early struggles we had.

Where Insurance Agencies Fail In Marketing Their Business

Marketing is a way for agents to grow their business in a unique way. It allows agents to get into market places they may not be able to reach by themselves and can make the sales process much easier.  It is also something that most agents do not do very well. 

Most have gotten into the business for sales, to be entrepreneurs or because the agency was passed down through the family so marketing was never on the "must do list." However, many agents have found that marketing is an important part of growth and retention for their agency. 

This blog was written to help agents identify what may be wrong in their marketing so that they can use it to grow or strengthen their agency. It will discuss what agencies are missing and how to improve. 

High quality lead generation for insurance agents

Successful lead generation for insurance agents is vital to any insurance business. Without new leads to generate
new business your book will eventually become stagnant leading to a decline in profits. This is a problem faced by many local agencies. They cannot generate new leads and can barely keep their heads above water.

Our insurance agency was no different. We were declining, and our office was quiet (no phones ringing). That was until we discovered how to generate leads for our agency and begun getting around 100 business opportunities from our website alone.

Insurance SEO How To

Insurance agents are scrambling to understand SEO. Many understand that getting found online is important but most have not figured out what it takes to get there. There are many guides that lay out the frame work for SEO but do not actually show you what to do. Knowledge is one thing, but knowing what to do is often the hard part. 

This blog post will highlight some of the main aspects of insurance SEO and how to implement for success. By the end of this post you should be able to take your next step in implementation.

Insurance Industry Trends and The Effect on Agencies

Are We About To Meet HAL 9000

Maybe I am showing my age but I remember meeting HAL, do you? Stanley Kubrick introduced us to him in 1968 in the film “2001 a Space Odyssey.” If you are old enough to remember or young and Geeky enough to remember that movie you realize, with a certain amount of horror that machines take over.

Do we have to worry about machines taking over? Maybe a little bit. I have been gathering more studies of the direction we are headed in as Independent Insurance agents and found a couple of studies to be extremely on point as to where I see things headed. Most agent and companies are now at least on board that they need to adapt or perish in this new Digital Era.

I thought I would share in an abbreviated fashion some of the high points I took away from these studies.

Online Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents


Your agency has likely been told 1001 times that you have to reach your customers online. Most agencies have jumped on board with Facebook but there are many ways to reach your customer base. 

This blog post will break down several online marketing ideas for insurance agents by explaining how they work and how an agency can utilize it within their marketing strategy. 

Training Your Insurance Agency in the Digital Age

There is a saying “Culture eats strategy for lunch.” Boy, that has really been my experience. Over the years I have worked in situations were there was a new sheriff in town. In every case there were people that survived and even flourished and there were casualties.

We are in an era of significant market disruption, especially in the insurance industry. The way people are going to buy and the efficiency in which we will be able to sell will say a lot about our ability to survive or perish.

How to get your insurance blog seen by the right people


Blogging is one of those "if a tree falls and no one is around does it make a sound" scenarios. Are you really creating valuable content if no one is gaining value from it or are you just wasting your time? The point of having a blog is so that it is seen.  

In this blog post you will explore 3 easy methods to help your insurance blog get found online.

Is Your Insurance Agency Website Like "That Guy"


You know the Guy I’m talking about. He is the one who spends hours every day getting the look right. Primping and moussing his hair, making sure not a single wrinkle can be found on his designer clothing. Yeah, “that guy!” When it is all said and done, he looks like a million bucks, but when he opens his mouth, nothing comes out. Or if something comes out it is usually about him. So he ends up spending all that time trying to look good and he has nothing to add to the dialogue or no one wants to take waste the time hearing about how great he looks or what wonderful things he is known for.

So now how does “That Guy’” get compared to your website? Does your insurance agency website look nice but has nothing to truly offer? Have you spent thousands to get the look of your website just right but it is failing to attract people? If you have invested into the look or design of your website without investing in the heart of what makes it valuable then you may be "That Guy" and your site will be what it always has been.... Disappointing. You can however turn this around by adding what your site needs on the inside. 

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