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If Your Marketing Aims At Everyone You Will Hit No One

Many small businesses fail in the very beginning because they got the foundation of their business all wrong. Most small businesses begin with:

  1. The Business Owner or Owners have a passion or skill
  2. They start a business
  3. They make/develop/produce their product
  4. They find customers

With most start-ups and even existing businesses they spend too much of their limited resources before they get to the most important step. First they must ask "will the customers buy from us?" and "how much do they need to buy to support the business?"

This blog post will help you find the answer to these questions and help you to create a strategy allowing you to capitalize on the proper market.

Beginner's Guide to Being Found Online

Consumers have begun going online to purchase just about everything. No longer are they just buying toys and clothes but they are looking for professional services to do business with. As a business owner you've probably already been told you need to get found online, but no one has really told you what that means or how to do so.

This blog post is designed for you. We will help you understand the process to being found online, what this can do for your business and some actionable steps to take.

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