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Zero Budget Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents

Zero budget marketing is the concept of marketing your business with no marketing budget or a very small one. This is a great concept for insurance agencies stepping into marketing with lean budgets or for operations who have the man power willingness but not the budget.

In this article we are going to break this concept down and show you a few marketing tactics and tools that can be done for free or nearly free.

Creating a Marketing Plan for Insurance Agents

A marketing plan for an insurance agency is so important in aligning your marketing with your agency goals. We often see that the agents who have no marketing plan rarely benefit from their marketing initiatives. This causes frustration for the agent and a loss of funds where marketing should bring some sort of positive outcome. 

The point of this blog post, is to show you what should be included in your marketing plan so that you can utilize it in a way that 1) focuses your efforts on the right efforts and 2) allows you to turn marketing from a mess into a focused strategy. 

Where Insurance Agencies Fail In Marketing Their Business

Marketing is a way for agents to grow their business in a unique way. It allows agents to get into market places they may not be able to reach by themselves and can make the sales process much easier.  It is also something that most agents do not do very well. 

Most have gotten into the business for sales, to be entrepreneurs or because the agency was passed down through the family so marketing was never on the "must do list." However, many agents have found that marketing is an important part of growth and retention for their agency. 

This blog was written to help agents identify what may be wrong in their marketing so that they can use it to grow or strengthen their agency. It will discuss what agencies are missing and how to improve. 

Should I Hire an Inbound Marketing Consultant or Do My Own Marketing?


Last week I was on a panel discussing Inbound Marketing and Social Media. The first question put to the panel was “Should I hire out or do my own inbound marketing?” I was asked to be on the panel both as an insurance agency owner as well as an owner of a marketing agency. My answer to the question was…Yes.

That got a little rise out of the audience, as I did not really offer direction from my answer. I went on to share my thoughts on this and told the people attending that the answer is yes,  both can actually be effective. But the most important part of your decision is that you have to be the champion of your insurance digital marketing and social media project in either scenario.

We are constantly reviewing people’s web grades and one observation is that using a certain tool or platform for your Inbound Digital marketing does not bring the same results. We have seen many different levels of success and it all boils down to is your dedication to your own program.

Each method can work but just like insurance, no one method fits every business the same. Lets break down these different ways to build your inbound marketing and explore their pros and cons.

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