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The First Year of Digital Marketing in your Insurance Agency

From my experience, there seems to be a big miscommunication between marketing groups and insurance agent expectations. I'm not sure if it is how agents are being sold digital marketing or if it is just their own expectations but we have seen many agencies start, fail and quit digital marketing because they were not fully prepared for the complete undertaking of the efforts. 

Digital marketing takes work. It takes time. It takes knowledge to properly understand what and why you are doing what you are doing.

Too often I seen agencies jump into digital marketing with expectations of results in a couple of weeks which leaves them with a bitterness for the efforts and ultimately a shut down of the process. 

In this article, I want to right the expectations for digital marketing so agencies can get a clear picture of what will happen as well as the steps for them to succeed in their efforts. 

Easy Guide to Selling Insurance Online

Both new agents and those who have been in the industry for years both want to understand how to sell insurance online. Some want to incorporate it into their current operations while others want to become a 100% virtual agency. 

Whatever reason why you want to learn how to sell insurance online, this blog will highlight some basic step by step actions you can take.

The Magic Digital Marketing Pill For Insurance Agents

I belong to a very active insurance marketing group on Facebook. I also do a fair amount of speaking in my industry and one of the more common topic threads is always, “My website is very disappointing and I want to change. Who should I hire to get the best results?” I think we all are looking for the magic pill to fix our inbound marketing woes.

Whenever these posts appear or in group discussions, it brings out long lists of "My Guy" referrals’. Not to discount the importance of the website design but  the thing we need to concentrate on more than who, is what.

How to Focus Digital Marketing Efforts

It’s amazing what a year can do, take a look back and see where you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished.

How about you? How many important things did you get done last year? What are your results?

When the things you do don’t work, it doesn't always mean what you think it does!

Marketing Disaster!? What's your Plan?


When everything around you falls apart what is your plan?

What is your plan when you lose communication channels? We are approaching that time of year when winter weather starts to take hold. What is your plan if you lose communication or digital connection? How do you get your message out?

Just like you have a backup plan in your business, what is your back up for your social media and digital marketing?

If Your Marketing Aims At Everyone You Will Hit No One

Many small businesses fail in the very beginning because they got the foundation of their business all wrong. Most small businesses begin with:

  1. The Business Owner or Owners have a passion or skill
  2. They start a business
  3. They make/develop/produce their product
  4. They find customers

With most start-ups and even existing businesses they spend too much of their limited resources before they get to the most important step. First they must ask "will the customers buy from us?" and "how much do they need to buy to support the business?"

This blog post will help you find the answer to these questions and help you to create a strategy allowing you to capitalize on the proper market.

Transitioning your Brick and Mortar Business into a Digital Business

Customer needs evolve over time. Sometimes companies view these changes as unimportant or as fads. Doing so may be a mistake. Making specific changes can help businesses and people keep up.

Tomorrow’s winners will be those who are able to transport the digital world into their businesses in a manner that builds customer loyalty and generates brand value.

As a quick example, think about how different customers were just five years ago in terms of ownership. Then, customers were accustomed to owning products. Today, we live in the dawn of the sharing economy where customers are much more accustomed to paying for a service that gives them use of products they used to own. Some companies may view this movement as temporary or fad, but is it? The rise of ride share, music streaming and home sharing companies indicate that this is a major shift in the customer sentiment.

Where to Find the Time and Money for Digital Marketing

No longer is Inbound Marketing a question for businesses. If a business is going to survive it needs to start adapting to the marketplace and allowing people to find them online.

Two of the biggest objections to implementing a digital marketing strategy are that people don't have the time or money. If you don't have the time or money then you REALLY need to adapt a digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing saved the insurance agency we work for and is now a key part of the agency's business plan. We now have more time and money because we invested in digital marketing.

This post will provide you with insights on how to find the time and money to implement a digital marketing strategy so you can have online success.

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