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Beginner's Guide to Insurance Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in the insurance industry has become quite a topic of discussion. Some experts and insurance agents swear that adapting to digital marketing is the future while others are still skeptical. 

Whether skeptical or not about the future of digital marketing, it is staring insurance agents in the face. 

For this reason, we wanted to create a guide insurance agents could lean on to properly understand digital marketing and the uses for their business. 

How to bring New Business to your Agency's Doorstep

In a recent study of independent agents (read about it here ), it was found that finding new business was the number one issue for agents. This survey also reveal that competition, client expectations, competing with carriers digitally, and keeping up with technology were also big issues for agents.

In this article we are going to tackle these issues, mainly focusing on bringing new business to your agency's doorstep and the process that will trickle down and agencies deal with these other issues. 

Easy Guide to Selling Insurance Online

Both new agents and those who have been in the industry for years both want to understand how to sell insurance online. Some want to incorporate it into their current operations while others want to become a 100% virtual agency. 

Whatever reason why you want to learn how to sell insurance online, this blog will highlight some basic step by step actions you can take.

Should I Hire an Inbound Marketing Consultant or Do My Own Marketing?


Last week I was on a panel discussing Inbound Marketing and Social Media. The first question put to the panel was “Should I hire out or do my own inbound marketing?” I was asked to be on the panel both as an insurance agency owner as well as an owner of a marketing agency. My answer to the question was…Yes.

That got a little rise out of the audience, as I did not really offer direction from my answer. I went on to share my thoughts on this and told the people attending that the answer is yes,  both can actually be effective. But the most important part of your decision is that you have to be the champion of your insurance digital marketing and social media project in either scenario.

We are constantly reviewing people’s web grades and one observation is that using a certain tool or platform for your Inbound Digital marketing does not bring the same results. We have seen many different levels of success and it all boils down to is your dedication to your own program.

Each method can work but just like insurance, no one method fits every business the same. Lets break down these different ways to build your inbound marketing and explore their pros and cons.

The Magic Digital Marketing Pill For Insurance Agents

I belong to a very active insurance marketing group on Facebook. I also do a fair amount of speaking in my industry and one of the more common topic threads is always, “My website is very disappointing and I want to change. Who should I hire to get the best results?” I think we all are looking for the magic pill to fix our inbound marketing woes.

Whenever these posts appear or in group discussions, it brings out long lists of "My Guy" referrals’. Not to discount the importance of the website design but  the thing we need to concentrate on more than who, is what.

4 Ways to Gain Quality Internet Insurance Leads

You are probably aware that there are millions of search queries a month for insurance related topics. You may also be aware that many of those leads are just terrible. 

From experience, we have found that there are 4 easy to implement strategies that will help your agency to gain high quality insurance leads. This blog post will explain those strategies and provide information for you to find the best option for your business.

How to Focus Digital Marketing Efforts

It’s amazing what a year can do, take a look back and see where you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished.

How about you? How many important things did you get done last year? What are your results?

When the things you do don’t work, it doesn't always mean what you think it does!

Guide to On-page SEO

There are many parts to an SEO strategy. Part of SEO is what you do off site such as link building while other aspects of SEO rely on what is actually on your website.

This blog is going to focus on some of the simple things you can do on your site to optimize for search engines.

Using your blog to Rank in Google and increase website visitors

Small businesses everywhere have begun blogging in hopes of ranking in Google and other search engines. This is great! But unfortunately many are not seeing the results they expect to see. They are promised increased visitors which lead to sales but once they begin they feel like they are just talking to themselves.

This article is intended to show you how to turn your blog into the sales generating machine you envisioned when you first began blogging. It will give you 6 areas to work on to achieve your goals.

Beginner's Guide to Being Found Online

Consumers have begun going online to purchase just about everything. No longer are they just buying toys and clothes but they are looking for professional services to do business with. As a business owner you've probably already been told you need to get found online, but no one has really told you what that means or how to do so.

This blog post is designed for you. We will help you understand the process to being found online, what this can do for your business and some actionable steps to take.

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