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If Your Marketing Aims At Everyone You Will Hit No One

Many small businesses fail in the very beginning because they got the foundation of their business all wrong. Most small businesses begin with:

  1. The Business Owner or Owners have a passion or skill
  2. They start a business
  3. They make/develop/produce their product
  4. They find customers

With most start-ups and even existing businesses they spend too much of their limited resources before they get to the most important step. First they must ask "will the customers buy from us?" and "how much do they need to buy to support the business?"

This blog post will help you find the answer to these questions and help you to create a strategy allowing you to capitalize on the proper market.

Why Do You Make It So Hard To Love Your Business?

Consumers are fickle and demanding. They have so many choices and so little patience. As businesses, we are supposed to make it easy for consumers to purchase from us, yet in reality all we do is make it hard for people to like us. We are indirectly saying go buy somewhere else! Are you making yourself approachable? And if you are approachable are you able to strike while the fire is hot?

This blog post will highlight common mistakes which are causing local businesses to fail and what the easy solutions are to get back into the top of your marketplace.

What Business Professionals Really Do Online and How to Take Advantage

A recent survey conducted by Comcast on what business managers do during a week online gave us some really great insights into what we should be doing to attract new businesses. Comcast asked almost 800 businesses to track their internet activity during the week.

This blog will discuss what they found and explain how you can position your digital strategy to take advantage of these marketing opportunities.

Fantasy Football and the Ideal Customer

Here we are..."Are You Ready For Some Football!" is right around the corner. One of the biggest phenomenons in recent years is the explosion of Fantasy Football Franchises. It is a huge industry and one of the biggest social pastimes we are involved in every fall. Are you a Player? and do you spend hours trying to research the perfect team. Would you join a league and feel good about letting the computer auto pick your franchise?

How about picking the perfect women or man? Often people describe their perfect soulmate and have very specific criteria they are holding out for.

In business more often then not, the plan is to unlock the door and hope that someone walks through it. Little thought is given into selecting that ideal customer. And when you don't take the time to put out the feelers for that perfect customer, what walks through that door is sometimes a disappointment.

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