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Beginner's Guide to Being Found Online

Consumers have begun going online to purchase just about everything. No longer are they just buying toys and clothes but they are looking for professional services to do business with. As a business owner you've probably already been told you need to get found online, but no one has really told you what that means or how to do so.

This blog post is designed for you. We will help you understand the process to being found online, what this can do for your business and some actionable steps to take.

Transitioning your Brick and Mortar Business into a Digital Business

Customer needs evolve over time. Sometimes companies view these changes as unimportant or as fads. Doing so may be a mistake. Making specific changes can help businesses and people keep up.

Tomorrow’s winners will be those who are able to transport the digital world into their businesses in a manner that builds customer loyalty and generates brand value.

As a quick example, think about how different customers were just five years ago in terms of ownership. Then, customers were accustomed to owning products. Today, we live in the dawn of the sharing economy where customers are much more accustomed to paying for a service that gives them use of products they used to own. Some companies may view this movement as temporary or fad, but is it? The rise of ride share, music streaming and home sharing companies indicate that this is a major shift in the customer sentiment.

Fantasy Football and the Ideal Customer

Here we are..."Are You Ready For Some Football!" is right around the corner. One of the biggest phenomenons in recent years is the explosion of Fantasy Football Franchises. It is a huge industry and one of the biggest social pastimes we are involved in every fall. Are you a Player? and do you spend hours trying to research the perfect team. Would you join a league and feel good about letting the computer auto pick your franchise?

How about picking the perfect women or man? Often people describe their perfect soulmate and have very specific criteria they are holding out for.

In business more often then not, the plan is to unlock the door and hope that someone walks through it. Little thought is given into selecting that ideal customer. And when you don't take the time to put out the feelers for that perfect customer, what walks through that door is sometimes a disappointment.

Why People Won't Buy from Your Local Business

Many local businesses are suffering because they say they can not compete with big business pricing. With so many options and online venues how can a local business compete anymore?

Believe it or not, but consumers could care less about the price of your product. If they see the value in your services they are willing to choose you even if you are not the cheapest. The only problem is that they see no extra value in your business.

This blog post will highlight how consumers make their purchasing decisions and will help you evaluate what you may be doing wrong.

Building your Digital Marketing Foundation

Every year the number of companies who are embracing digital marketing as part of their business plan grows exponentially. Businesses know that being online is crucial to their future so they create a website, join Facebook and think that they have entered the digital marketing world. After a few short months of not seeing results or lost enthusiasm they go back to business as usually and never have the opportunity to reap the benefits of their online presence.

To avoid this happening to you, build your digital marketing strategy on a strong foundation. This blog post will teach you how to build a strong foundation that is backed by your business plan and leads to success.

How Diversified Insurance Service went from Zero to Digital Marketing Hero (and How you can Too!)

Diversified Insurance Service in Ohio was a medium size agency trying to figure out this digital marketing thing when they brought me in as an intern. At the time we didn't even have a name for what we were actually doing. At first I was fired up to have a job where I managed a Facebook page and did the blogging, but after a year of no blog views, barely a facebook comment on our page and no real success generated from the web I was quite worried about what was going on.

In a couple short years we became found online more than any other insurance agency our size and begun making real customers from the web. This blog post tells about our journey, the steps we took and where our stats are today.

Inbound Marketing for Business Professionals

The increase in technology has not only changed the way we live our lives it has also significantly changed the way we do business. Where billboards, phonebooks, radio ads, and direct mail once reigned supreme, a new online marketing form has emerged. Some call it digital marketing, others call it content marketing but we like to call it inbound marketing.

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