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Starting a new blog or simply stuck on what to write about? Blogging can be a challenge for any insurance agency. Fortunately it usually only takes an idea to spark a whole lot of content.

This blog post will help you get started by providing insurance blog ideas for you to write about. Use one or use them all. We included the ideas we found work best for insurance agencies.

You've Started an Insurance Blog, Now What?

After a few years of being told, "you need to have a blog" agents are finally starting their own insurance blogs. Unfortunately agents were taught they need to have a blog but were not taught on how to properly use it. 

Insurance blogs are great for educating prospects, attracting new prospects, getting leads in the sales funnel and even cross selling your current book of business. But, if you are like most agents you have likely have no idea how to get your blog working to make your life better or your agency more profitable. This blog post will show you how.

How to get your insurance blog seen by the right people


Blogging is one of those "if a tree falls and no one is around does it make a sound" scenarios. Are you really creating valuable content if no one is gaining value from it or are you just wasting your time? The point of having a blog is so that it is seen.  

In this blog post you will explore 3 easy methods to help your insurance blog get found online.

Using your blog to Rank in Google and increase website visitors

Small businesses everywhere have begun blogging in hopes of ranking in Google and other search engines. This is great! But unfortunately many are not seeing the results they expect to see. They are promised increased visitors which lead to sales but once they begin they feel like they are just talking to themselves.

This article is intended to show you how to turn your blog into the sales generating machine you envisioned when you first began blogging. It will give you 6 areas to work on to achieve your goals.

Where to Start in your Digital Marketing Journey

The easy part of digital marketing is knowing why you need to do it. If you are completely new to this concept you probably have no idea what is even the best place to start, and if you have gone to our Digital Marketing Boot camp you probably just have so many ideas you don't know which to do first.

We understand getting started is the hardest part which is why we wanted to write this blog post which will help you get through the start of your journey until you know enough to handle it yourself.

Blog Audit Checklist

When blogging you want to ensure you are providing the readers with the best possible experience. Not only will they love you for it, but it can help them better understand the topic and it will make the buying decisions easier for them. Unless you already have thousands of loyal readers, your blog should also be optimized for search so that people can find the information when they search online.

This blog post will highlight some of the main areas to check when creating a blog.

A Year's Worth of Blog Post Ideas

When it comes to blogging for your business, it can be tough. Sometimes it is hard to think about how to get started, other times you just have writer's block. When it comes to digital marketing however, consistency in your blogging is essential. We know this but we also know that sometimes you don't know what to write about. This is why we are providing you with a years worth of blog topics and a plan to help you stay consistent.

Blogging and Insurance Coverage

According to a recent publication, "2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report," authored by Michael A Stelzner, blogging is the number one online tool for inbound marketers. With Google's emphasis on quality content it is the top tool for a business to increase their presence on the world wide web. While this tool has changed the business world, it also comes with risks that could do more harm than good.

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