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Insurance Blog Ideas

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Insurance Blog Ideas

Starting a new blog or simply stuck on what to write about? Blogging can be a challenge for any insurance agency. Fortunately it usually only takes an idea to spark a whole lot of content.

This blog post will help you get started by providing insurance blog ideas for you to write about. Use one or use them all. We included the ideas we found work best for insurance agencies.


1) Breakdown insurance coverage

One great blogging idea is to turn the insurance you offer into blog posts. This can be informative for your clients but it can also be a way for people who do not know your agency to find you online. 

This is how we first grew our insurance agency. We blogged about topics using keywords and SEO. Before we knew it we had prospects coming to our blog and asking us if we could help. 

Just make sure if you choose this option that you write something that is going to add value to the reader. If there are 1000 other blog posts like the one you are going to write, then rethink how you should write the post.


2) This or That

Everyone loves a good competition. Consumers are inundated with ads saying "buy this" or "buy that" and it is hard for them to distinguish what policy is right for them. As an agent it is your job to help them understand what is right for them. 

A "this or that" post will help them get a better understanding of what type of policy is right for them.

Some examples are: "Full coverage or state minimum coverage auto insurance?" "Whole life or term life insurance?" "Actual cash value or replacement cost home insurance?" 


3) Niche post 

One of the best ways our agency attracted quality business online was through niche posts. It is a great way to attract exactly who you are looking for. 

Most often when we talk about niche marketing it is business related. Things like truckers, restaurants, wedding photographers, breweries, etc... But niche posts can also be used for personal lines. We wrote posts specifically for teachers, college students, young parents and even those who were in between jobs. 

By writing to a specific niche you can better target the reader and also write to their pain points. 


4) Trending Topics

For those who tend to keep up with what is happening, this is a great way to create original content. Topics that are trending are often sought after and read more regularly then the everyday topic. 

People want to be informed. They want to hear expert opinions on the newest trends as well as give their own. This is a great way to jump start your social media engagement because social sites often put relevant information in front of more people. 

Just be aware that your opinion on a controversial topic may receive some backlash. 


5) What does your agency do different?

I personally do not like a ton of self promoting blog posts but sometimes it is good to talk about why your agency is different. Maybe you do things that other agents do not do, or maybe you offer a special service like telemedicine. These posts are a great way to remind your clients of why they chose you and can sometimes be the deciding point for someone who has not chose you as their agency yet.


6) Do you need it?

Many people are searching for subjects online to get a better understanding of whether they need it or not. As an agent you understand that not everyone needs every type of policy. 

We have wrote many blogs like this at our agency. "Do babysitters need liability insurance?" "Do you need umbrella insurance?" "Does your stay at home spouse need life insurance?"

If they decide they do not need the policy then you have saved your agency some time. If you have answered their questions and they have decided that the policy is right for them, guess who they are going to call? You. 


7) Answer questions

A large part of an agencies job is to answer questions so that people can have a good understand of their insurance. It does not take a long time in the business before you realize a lot of people ask the same questions. Use your blog to answer some of these questions.

If your prospects and clients ask the same questions then there is likely someone online looking for that same answer as well as someone on social media.


8) Celebrate your producers and staff members

Facebook has taught us that people love a feel good story. People like to celebrate others especially when it is someone they know. 

In addition to being great for social media, these stories can actually help your producers close more accounts. Many people good a business or someone's name before doing business with them. Think about if someone Google'd your producer's name a found this wonderful post of how great they are. 

What if someone could actually put a face to their account manager? What if all of a sudden the account manager who seemed so far and distant now has a face, a family and works hard at their job just like the client? 

These types of posts help make your agency feel more human and easier to do business with.


9) How it works / Claims examples

Not everyone knows how different insurance policies work. This is a great opportunity for blog posts.

You can explain how different investment plans work, complicated health insurance plans or just common things people misunderstand such as whole life insurance and the accumulated cash value. You can also explain simpler topics such as auto insurance or homeowners insurance.

When you post you should be aware of what type of person is looking for answers. Someone who wants to understand how auto insurance works might be an 18 year old who is buying insurance for the first time. Nothing wrong with this, but just make sure the people you attract fit your agency model. 


10) Cheat Sheets

People want to know that they are buying the best. One way for them to feel confident in their purchase is if they have a checklist or a cheat sheet. You can use your blog to outline a checklist for them when buying a policy. 

It could be a checklist for buying insurance in general or a cheat sheet for a specific policy. Often times I will write a post such as this "To get the best _____ insurance, make sure you have these 4 things." Or "When purchasing ______ insurance look at these 7 aspects to ensure you are getting what is best for you."

Consumers will reference these tips but more importantly it builds trust with you and the reader. 


11) Non Insurance Topics

A great way to reach people is by not talking about insurance at all. I don't mean start a blog about cute kittens or your favorite recipes but many non insurance topics are easily relate-able to what you do.

We wrote quite a few blogs like this for our insurance agency. We wrote information about cyber crimes so businesses would understand this new risk and eventually see the need for cyber insurance. We wrote about emergency planning for families because keeping people safe is important to us. We also provided safety information and planning guides for businesses to help them minimize risks and keep employees safe. 

These types of blogs can be great information for your readers, but make sure you do not start getting too far off topic.


12) Blog Series

Some topics are far too complicated to simply write one blog. The best thing to do with one of these topics is to do a series of blog posts. 

Organize your thoughts and write the posts in a logical sequence. One that will take the reader through the topic one step at a time. You can write multiple blogs yourself, have other industry leaders guest post or even do an expert panel for the subject.

This is a great way to become an expert for the topic and help your readers understand something complex. As a bonus you can take all of these blog posts and turn it into a full blown guide to use as an e-book or a downloadable guide on your website. 


More insurance blog post ideas

The point of this blog post was supposed to spark ideas for you to own and create your own topics. If you are still struggling to come up with actual post ideas for your insurance blog you can check out this list of blogging topics for the year or you can let us review your blog for free and we can give you blog ideas that will work

I also wanted to include a couple of additional blog posts that you might benefit from. Just click on one of the titles below to read it:

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I hope these blog articles are able to put you on the path to successful blogging. If there are any unanswered questions you still have about blogging or digital marketing in general, then feel free to ask us.

How long have you been blogging? What blogs have you written about so far? What has been your blog experience so far? Let us know in the comments below!


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Zach Emly

Written by Zach Emly

Zach started out his marketing career as an intern for a small insurance agency. With the use of blogging, social media, and email marketing, he helped explode the agency's growth. Now Zach is using his experience to help other agencies learn and implement digital marketing practices within their businesses. Have questions for him? Email him:

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