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5 Video Ideas You Can Use in Your Insurance Marketing Efforts

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Video has changed the way consumers learn, make purchase decisions and interact with brands. You have clicked on this blog because you likely have at the very least, some knowledge of this. 

So, I will save you some reading and skip the "why you should use video" discussion and go right how to use video in your insurance agency's marketing efforts. 

This blog is going to show you a few different types of videos and explain what good it will do for your business.


A quick remember when it comes to making videos for your agency

There is no ONE right way to make a certain video for your agency. You may see some of the videos in this blog and think, "I like the concept, but not that video." And that is fine. The point of this blog is not to show you the exact way to create videos but to give you video concepts to consider. 

I will show you videos examples and then discuss briefly the value and benefits of that TYPE of video (not the video layout itself). 

There are many things you can do with videos, but the next few ideas will be a good springboard to diving into video.


The About Us Insurance Video

One of the most important videos your agency can have is the about us video. Think about it from the standpoint of those searching for insurance. In a 20 mile radius of your office there are a couple dozen or even a couple hundred other agents who have the same companies, products, and value statements. 

The about us video can give you an edge by making your agency personable and giving you a chance to showcase why your agency is different than all those other agents who offer the same service. 

Make sure your about us video is visible on social channels and website where prospects can easily find it while checking you out.  


Insurance Product Videos

Can we all agree that insurance is a little complex? One of the best ways to help your prospects or clients understand coverage is through video. 

This can come in handy when it comes to educating prospects, selling, and even cross-selling

Sometimes it is more efficient and effective to send a video explanation than it is to explain something over the phone. 

Making a habit of backing your selling with a product video helps you demonstrate your expertise and also gives the prospects something they can take "home" with them to review again and again. 


Vlog style insurance videos

If you really want to show your prospects what it is like to interact with you then a vlog is perfect. This allows your audience to get an inside look at how you conduct yourself every day and the type of person you are. 

Not only can you establish yourself as a certain image, you can also educate your clients and use it as a selling tool.

The cool thing about vlogging is that you can make it about more than just insurance. For example: If your agency focuses on total well being, physical, mental and financial well being, your vlog can cover all these things.

Another example could be if you are the "fitness insurance gal" your vlog can focus on healthy living, fitness, etc... giving you a huge competitive advantage when selling to gyms, studios, fitness instructors, and so on. 


Educational Insurance Videos

As an insurance advisor, your job is to educate. Why not do it in video form?

Anytime you take time to create videos to educate on topics you are showcasing your expertise and establishing yourself as trustworthy. 

You can use this type of video as content for social media, to add depth to your blogs, to add insight to product pages or even to send to prospects during the sales process. 

Just make sure that you are truly adding value and answering questions. 


Meme style insurance videos

Not always the most professional looking videos, but these videos are great on social media especially Facebook. 

These quick videos tend to grab the attention of the audience more effectively than other styles of videos. They are great for grabbing the aduience's attention then getting them to take an action. 

If you are looking to get better engagement or views on your Facebook content then this is a great video style. It can also be great for social ads if your focus is lead generation or growth. 

Take individual pain points of your ideal prospects and educate them on how to alleviate that pain. 


How to choose the right video ideas in your insurance agency

The video style you choose will depend on your agency. What are your goals? Where can your agency increase effectiveness? How can you better your customer's experience?

Once you take a step back and view how you want to market your agency and the potential impact video can have on your agency is the moment you want to decide the type of videos to use in your agency. 

I don't suggest simply jumping into video because something seems fun or intriguing. Find out what your agency can really do with video then dive in!



Zach Emly

Written by Zach Emly

Zach started out his marketing career as an intern for a small insurance agency. With the use of blogging, social media, and email marketing, he helped explode the agency's growth. Now Zach is using his experience to help other agencies learn and implement digital marketing practices within their businesses. Have questions for him? Email him:

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