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Why Insurance Agents need to Attend PIAA's Institute for Insurance Digital Marketing

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In this digital age sometimes our traditional business practices leave us without scrambling. If your agency is declining or remaining stagnant like ours was, it is time for a change.

Learn how the Institute for Insurance Digital Marketing (IIDM) can become a life line for your business or just another tool for success. In this blog you will discover what IIDM is, how it is different than your normal digital seminar, what you will learn, who should attend, and what type of things you will leave with.

What is the Institute for Insurance Digital Marketing?

One of the hardest parts of putting this together is explaining what it is and the actual experience you will have. Most agencies have gone through social media and digital marketing seminars where you sit in and room listening to stats while someone who isn't successful with it themselves tells you why you should be doing it.

I promise you, this is not one of those events!

We have created a successful digital strategy for our insurance agency which realistically saved us and turned our decline to growth. (You can check out our story here) We took our experiences, dissected them, researched different digital subjects, tested, met and discussed the best actions to take for an agency to begin building their digital strategy. This is not just a how to or why you should seminar, this is a hands on, full immersion bootcamp where you will physically work on your plan in class.

The Bootcamp is 2 days where you will have your own computer in class to work from and real assignments to complete. We will guide and teach you using real life examples and solid steps to take. You will begin your creating and implementing your strategy in class but our main goal is to empower you to continue after you leave.

Why you need to be there

Reality of digital marketing in business

Let's face it, the reality is that technology is taking over our industry. Many agencies are allowing technology to put them out of business but this does not have to be the case. Just like other industries those who closed their eyes to what was happening and didn't adapt went out of business. Think of Blockbuster, Circuit City, Borders bookstores and other business who didn't see technological advances as threats.

As business's we shouldn't fight against technology but embrace it for more profitable business practices and for a better consumer experiences. It is what they are asking for after all. This event is not going to be one where we tell you that you need to be on social media because that's what businesses are doing. We will show you examples and strategies that you can use to tie in digital marketing to your agency's current business practices. Your digital marketing strategy should benefit your business in accordance with your mission, not hinder your ability to work.

You need to be at IIDM because if you do not learn these skills not and begin implementing a plan you might not be around for many more years.

What topics will be discussed

During our IIDM Bootcamp we will cover a lot:

  • The new realities for our business
  • managing your agency, branding
  • creating a digital strategy
  • blogging
  • SEO
  • social media
  • creating a functional website
  • setting up and optimizing your social media accounts
  • email marketing
  • content and video creation
  • setting up your trusted choice account
  • unique ways to get coop
  • and getting your free money back after setting up your account

I know.... it's a lot and this is really just scratching the surface. But don't worry it will not be too overwhelming because everything is broken down into bit sized, actionable amounts to ensure you can take home something from every segment. We wanted to make sure you had a solid foundation and enough information to go on to create and implement your digital strategy.

We know there are some areas you will want to dive deeper into and we have you covered. We are not just going to throw information at you and let you leave, we are going to have additional items for you to continue on the success road.

What you will walk away with

When you sign up you will get more than just two days of listening to my colleagues and me. I really try to stress that this is not just going to be something that you hear stats and why you should be online but it is something that will actual lay the foundation for implementing your digital strategy. Realistically, how could we do this without providing you with a ton of valuable resources that you will walk away with?

Educational Resources

Too often you are at a seminar or workshop and everything seems to make sense but as soon as you get home you have no idea what to do and your notes don't seem to make sense. We think we can remedy that.

  • We are providing everyone who attends with a flash drive and an online portal with our entire presentation, as well as additional resources you can use to educate yourself.
  • We will continually update our blog and YouTube channel with topics and instructional videos to help you take your strategy to the next level.

Channel Setup

We do not want you to walk away from this event without having already taken your first steps into the digital marketing world. This is why we will walk through the setup and optimization of various channels including:

  • Your personalized Trusted Choice Portal (and we'll eve show you how to claim your co-op)
  • A Twitter Profile
  • A WordPress Blog (You will even have a completed blog to publish)

We will also have instructions on how to setup and optimize your LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel, and Facebook page for business.

Personalized Resources

We believe it is important to know where you stand as an agency already and we also know with your limited time that you can't do everything right away. This is why we wanted to created some personalized resources for you just for attending. Just for coming you will receive:

  • A personalized agency video
  • A style guide for your brand
  • A web grade report highlighting how well you are doing for a variety of online factors

Free Consulting from inBuzz Group

This is not just a teach and not do thing for us. While it is up to you and your agency to do the work, we are giving everyone who attends 2 hours of consulting on whatever topics they need help with. Every member of our group has worked in a different agency position so that you will get the specialized expertise in the given areas you want help in.

Value Added Resources from outside companies

We are not the only ones who see the value in this bootcamp and want to be a part of helping agents succeed in the digital world. Other companies are pitching in and providing discounts to their services just for attending our event. One company in particular wants to provide each agent with a microsite with the niche and zip code of their choice for free for 36 months just to help them jump start their online presence.

Just for fun we added up everything attendees would receive and we figured out they would be getting over $4200 worth of resources for the price of their attendance (not including the revenue you will earn from online sales in the future).

Who Should Attend

This event is pretty interesting because the information is geared towards many different departments. A digital strategy will eventually affect the entire agency but the decision makers or those who will be involved in the implementation in the beginning should attend.

Realistically this can be:

  • Producers interested in adding a digital edge to their sales
  • Agency owners who want to implement digital marketing
  • Social media managers or bloggers in the agency
  • Any staff member who wants to learn more about what digital marketing would look like for the agency

While someone in your agency should come, we encourage multiple people to attend so that they can share their views from their job's point of view.

Event Details

The next IIDM Bootcamp is being hosted on Sept 23-24th 2015 in Columbus Ohio by the PIAA of Ohio. If you can't make this event we will have events in the future but I can't promise we will be this close to your area again for awhile. If you live in or near Ohio I would suggest trying to make it to the event even if it is last minute for your agency.

If your agency is tight on funds, some companies are even willing to co-op this with you because they believe this will be a powerful 2 days.

For the full list of details you can visit the PIAA's website -


Written by inbuzzgrp

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