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    A Year's Worth of Blog Post Ideas

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    When it comes to blogging for your business, it can be tough. Sometimes it is hard to think about how to get started, other times you just have writer's block. When it comes to digital marketing however, consistency in your blogging is essential. We know this but we also know that sometimes you don't know what to write about. This is why we are providing you with a years worth of blog topics and a plan to help you stay consistent.

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    Planning First

    Before I give you these ideas, I want you to plan out your blogging calendar. This can be done for the whole year, the next quarter or just what you will post next month. Figure it out now so you don't have to waste time everyday thinking of what to write about.

    Here are a couple of things to think about when planning your calendar:

    • Is the topic seasonal? It is probably not smart to talk about snow shovels in May.
    • Are hot topics in line with deadlines? Giving tax tips right after everyone has already filed will not be as effective as tax tips in January.
    • Is a topic complex? Maybe it should be posted as a series of articles back to back.
    • Is there 1 blogger or multiple within your company? Make sure to align schedules and plan in vacation days if possible.
    • Do you have any big events this year? Plan related posts before the event so people can use your blog as a resource after the event.

    Planning really is one of the most important parts of blogging. By doing so you will save yourself a lot of time and energy. So now that you know to plan before blogging I will help give you the ideas to fill your calendar.

    Your year's worth of blog topics

    Just a quick note. This is based on 1 blog post a week. If you blog more often than that well then this won't fill up your calendar. But you are creative right? Just brainstorm with your staff and I'm sure you can come up with a few more great ideas on your own.

    Your Business

    1) What makes your business different from the guy down the road

    2) What does your business do best

    3) What is your business doing in the community

    4) Upcoming changes in your business that will affect customers

    5) Why you started the business (if it is a passion of yours)

    6) Talk about extra services you offer that people might not know about

    7) Talk about what your business stands for

    8) Talk about your staff and their accomplishments

    9) Why your business is qualified to be their solution

    10) Share your business's future goals if it shows you in a positive light

    11) Explain the helpful resources you offer on the web or social media

    12) Show consumers the experience they will have if they do business with you

    13) Explain the history and experience of your business

    14) Talk about your business's upcoming events and why someone should attend

    15) Give customer testimonials of your business

    16) Give customer stories about how your business helped them

    Service Related Posts

    17) What does your service do

    18) Who could benefit from your product or service

    19) How to get the best use out of your service

    20) How to get discounts or test drive your service

    21) Help consumers know which service can best fit their needs and why

    22) Compare products side by side

    23) Explain service options

    24) Explain the details of specific services consumers may be looking to research

    25) Highlight different uses of your product

    26) Why more people should use this service instead of that service

    27) Explain special services for certain niches

    28) Talk about new services customers can utilize

    29) Show services in action

    30) How not to use your service

    31) Talk about price (yes really! It builds trust online)

    32) Tell them their options

    33) Break down complex services into easy to understand segments of a blog series

    34) Put FAQ's on a blog

    Industry Related Posts

    35) Correct misconceptions about your industry

    36) Talk about changes in your industry

    37) Upcoming trends or changes that will affect consumers

    38) Top companies in your industry (don't forget to include yourself!)

    39) What to look out for in your industry (tricksters or current schemes)

    40) Talk about positive changes you wish would happen in your industry

    41) Give them your industry's "secret sauce"

    42) Talk about the experience people are having and what they should be getting when doing business with someone in your industry

    43) Why you industry matters

    44) Choose sides on a controversial industry topic and why you feel this way

    45) How have people used your industry in a positive way

    46) Highlight new technology in your industry

    47) Interview industry decision makers or companies


    48) Explain the correlation of your industry and another

    49) Talk about how other industries can benefit your product (examples: how fitness helps save on health insurance; how music makes fitness fun; technology gadgets that make cooking easier; etc...)

    50) Explain the places to find your service and the best place to shop

    51) Highlight other organizations in your community

    52) If B2B promote your customers in your blog

    53) Make common customer questions a blog post

    These items on the list are not the ONLY topics to put on your blog. There are endless possibilities, not to mention re-purposing blog topics you've already discussed. I'd love to hear some of the things you blog about! Give us a comment and tell us some of the things you post.


    Written by inbuzzgrp

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