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Using Digital Marketing for Insurance Agency Growth

We all dive into digital marketing because we want to see our business's grow and flourish. We know that people are buying differently and that technology has opened new opportunities. 

We see other businesses using digital marketing for massive success and we want those opportunities for our business as well.

We dream of the potential it can have on our business yet many owners struggle to get started or face  marketing that leads to frustration instead of growth. 

For insurance agencies who struggle to obtain growth with their digital marketing efforts, many have failed to answer one simple question. 

How will you SPECIFICALLY use Digital Marketing for Growth?

The 7 Keys Required For Insurance Digital Marketing Success

Many insurance agencies have finally taken the dive into digital marketing but only to have their journey halted. So many agents finally get the fire started and the desire to move only to have their flame smoldered or extinguished completely. 

We hate watching agencies start but then stumble and give up because things didn't go their way.

The reason this happens to so many agencies is because they do not have the necessities in place for their marketing efforts to succeed. This blog article will take you into the 7 essential things every insurance agency needs in order to have success with their insurance digital marketing. 

Those that Invest will see Insurance Marketing Success

From the shadows of the internet and live at events I examine and study what is working for insurance marketing and what is not. I keep my eyes and ears perked up for new success stories to watch for and to see agents having success. Who in groups is bragging on a successful campaign? Who is asking questions because they cannot seem to get it to work. 

From those I meet in person to those I hear about through the grapevine, there is one thing in common that has led to their insurance marketing success. And that is the willingness to invest in it. 

Planning your Insurance Digital Marketing Strategy for 2019

Do you know what digital marketing initiatives are going to lead to the increased success for your insurance agency next year? Do you know what steps or actions your team needs to take in order to meet your goals? Have you dismissed digital marketing thinking you will come back to it again next year?

If you are thinking that your insurance agency's digital marketing efforts will all of a sudden be successful without planning, then you are in for a surprise next year.  Digital marketing has gotten even harder to successfully execute over the past few years and in order for your agency to reap the benefits of it,  you need to plan for your digital efforts NOW.

Tips to get started with Insurance Digital Marketing

Getting started with digital marketing is and will be a challenge for many insurance agents. It is new concepts, ideas, and ways of doing business that most traditional insurance agents are not comfortable with. I get that it is not easy, but that is not a reason to not get started! 

Everyone has to start somewhere. If you are reading this it is because you are ready for that step. 

Some agency owners simply do not want to change. They do not want to adopt digital techniques and are fine having a Facebook page because they "have to." This blog is not for them. 

I am writing this blog for those who want plain and simple steps to getting started with insurance digital marketing. Nothing fancy here, just straight forward tips that are easy enough for anyone to implement.


Here is the real challenge - Will you put forth the effort into making it happen?

Rolling out a Successful Insurance Digital Marketing Strategy


You started then stopped. You dove into digital but your staff did not follow through. You started paying for things but it doesn't seem to bring any results. You intend on starting but the everyday upkeep of your agency keeps delaying your start. 

I get it. Getting started is hard. Doing it consistently and getting results is even harder. That is why I'm writing this blog. To help you go from spinning your wheels to having a successful digital presence. 

How Insurance Agencies can Use Duct Tape for their AI Processes

You Say Stalking Like it was a Bad Thing....

Ok... I know stalking is a bad thing. But in sales and with modern technology acting to how others react is getting to be more important and easier to do. We all hear about how AI – Artificial Intelligence is going to be a large portion of how we sell in the near future and maybe even now.

You certainly have seen how you are being targeted. If you have ever shopped on Amazon you see when you target an item that Amazon will populate the screen with “You might also like” products. If you listen to Pandora and select a channel and they start feeding you with songs by that artist and similar artists. If you look at something on Google have you noticed that all of a sudden those types of things start showing up in your Facebook account, or if you like the free games that are free because of the ads and see that many of these ads are for things you have looked at? Man you cannot pull the curtains closed tight enough.


I’m just a small business owner…I cannot do this AI stuff!

Small business owners, and even  owners of larger organizations, struggle with having the tools to get information on who the best prospects are to engage in their services. 

I get that but I think there are a lot of tools that you can use that are inexpensive or even free to start getting smarter and seeing who is looking at you and who is an ideal client.

I am going to share just a few suggestions and I hope that these will get you moving in the direction of changing your culture to the modern consumer demands.

Culture Wars: Transforming your Culture and Strategy to Adopt a Digital Business Model

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch I have heard this many times. I have experienced it as well. But I want to spend some time discussing this idea and maybe foster the idea that Culture and Strategy do not need to be mutually exclusive.

So what are these two terms? Culture is the touchy feely stuff. It is not visible to the naked eye but creates the glue that holds an organization together or the sandpaper that wears it down. Strategy is committed to writing more often than not. It comprises the mission, vision and goals of an organization.

Both are critically important to the success of your business and I wanted to share some thoughts that might resonate not only to owners or management but also the rank and file or stakeholders in the success from top to bottom.

Planning for your Insurance Agency's Digital Efforts

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business model changes, Technology advancements we are in a period of disruption!

Majesco created a Disruption Model chart that if you follow history you’ll start to see the pattern. In 2008 we entered a market shift that moved us into “The Digital Age."  

We are experiencing first hand in our businesses and industry what starts to change with the integration and use of data into multi areas of our lives and businesses. Creating connected multi-purpose products & devices, digital and data driven platforms.   So how does any of this help you in your business planning? 

The word “planning” often lands with the same thud as “let’s have a meeting.” But the purpose of an annual marketing plan isn’t to chart out each and every detail of every step you and your team will take for the next year. The plan’s purpose is to set on the right course to achieve the results needed to make your business goals a reality.

With this in mind, let's take today to look at everything you need to use your digital business plan to make your goals a reality. So let's set the foundation of your planning framework so that you get on and stay on course to achieve your business goals. 

From Starting Line to Digital Success: An Agency Owner's Point of View During the Digital Transition

Its summer…So what kind of lawn mower are you?

A Push Start? Pull Start? Or Kick Start?


I think we can all agree on a few points of discussion. We all know the new consumer is different than they were even five years ago. We all know most of us have to adapt dramatically to facilitate the new buyers style. We all know that almost half of the insurance agencies are not growing presently. We all know there is a lot of buzz in the market about all the things that some of us are doing but most of us are still at the starting line.

So where are you in the positions shared above? Are you positioned to thrive in this modern digital economy? Are you in the process of adapting? Or are you the “deer in the headlights!”

So what are you going to do?

You can be a Push Start, where you got the nudge and are moving now towards the new inbound economy.

Or you can be a Pull Start, where you keep following the newest trends but maybe reluctantly.

Or are you a Kick Start, where you are not going to go easily into the new economy.

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