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Implementing a Digital Strategy in Insurance

Digital transformation is at the forefront of the insurance industry right now. This topic has made its way into just about every convention and insurance industry meeting. Agents are clamoring to discover the validity of digital strategy and if this is the next phase of the industry. Many think that this is all phooey while others swear that those who do not jump on the boat will slowly wither away. 

There are a lot of discussions and view points about this topic, but one this is for certain. Most agents and companies alike, have no idea how to implement a digital strategy within an agency. 

This is why I am here writing this article today. To help insurance agencies, no matter what size, implement a digital strategy.

Guide to Insurance Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in the insurance industry has become quite a topic of discussion. Some experts and insurance agents swear that adapting to digital marketing is the future while others are still skeptical. 

Whether skeptical or not about the future of digital marketing, it is staring insurance agents in the face. 

For this reason, we wanted to create a guide insurance agents could lean on to properly understand digital marketing and the uses for their business. 

Quick Wins for Insurance Marketing

There are a lot of insurance marketing ideas floating around. Some marketing strategies take time to plan and implement and will contribute to much of your long term success, however, when we jump into marketing we do not always want to wait 6 months or a year to get a return on our investment. 

To balance your insurance marketing efforts, you need some quick wins that will help generate business right away as you build your long term foundations. 

This article will give you a couple of easy to implement ideas that you can potentially see results right away. 

Why your Internet Insurance Leads Suck

By now, many insurance agents are ready to call off the whole internet marketing thing. The only thing your website is generating is un-writable leads and you are sick of it right!? Why invest the time, money and energy into internet leads if they suck?

People talk about social media, blogging and other ways to generate insurance leads but is it just a bill of goods or are there people actually generating high quality insurance leads from the internet? 

Well, it worked for our insurance agency. Internet insurance leads saved and transformed our previous agency. It has worked for other agencies who swear by it. So why then do you only get crap delivered to your inbox?

We review a lot of websites and explore marketing programs and we have been able to lock down a few very common reasons why internet leads are so terrible for some agents but marvelous for others. In this article we will help you avoid the areas that generate bad leads and show you ways to generate quality leads.

It's Time for A Realistic Approach to Insurance Marketing

Insurance marketing has become quite challenging. From social media, to blogging and now videos; how do you do it all?

We personally have done 2 day bootcamps to teach aspects of insurance  marketing as well as consulting calls to help through the process. Others are doing webinars, half day or full day events. I see blogs, social discussions and videos online but there are soooo many agents still trying to figure out HOW THEY CAN DO IT. 

For this blog I wanted to lay out some realistic approaches that you can finally start seeing success in your insurance marketing initiatives.

Should you be buying leads for your insurance agency


Buying leads for insurance has been a normal practice for some time now. However, many agencies question whether or not there is a better way.

Yes you can go knock on doors but you can not knock on doors in bulk the way you can buy leads. They are convenient and can help an agency grow their book of business but are they really worth it?

This blog will discuss buying insurance leads and how you can get the most out of your money. 

Hiring the Right Person for your Insurance Marketing

You know you need to do more marketing within your insurance agency but you have probably figured out that it takes the right person (or people) to run marketing effectively within an insurance agency. We have seen marketing people come and go as well as the frustrations agency owners go through when trying to find someone who can just do the job the way it is supposed to be down. 

We have seen this struggle and wanted to create something that agency owners could lean on to ensure they are hiring the right person from the beginning.  

In this article, we are going to break down the 5 different ways of hiring an insurance marketing person for your agency and will discuss the pros and cons of each method. We will also provide tips to help you decide which method of will work best for you.

The First Year of Digital Marketing in your Insurance Agency

From my experience, there seems to be a big miscommunication between marketing groups and insurance agent expectations. I'm not sure if it is how agents are being sold digital marketing or if it is just their own expectations but we have seen many agencies start, fail and quit digital marketing because they were not fully prepared for the complete undertaking of the efforts. 

Digital marketing takes work. It takes time. It takes knowledge to properly understand what and why you are doing what you are doing.

Too often I seen agencies jump into digital marketing with expectations of results in a couple of weeks which leaves them with a bitterness for the efforts and ultimately a shut down of the process. 

In this article, I want to right the expectations for digital marketing so agencies can get a clear picture of what will happen as well as the steps for them to succeed in their efforts. 

How your Agency can Generate Insurance Leads Online

There has been a lot of talk lately about the damage technology is doing or may do to the independent insurance agent. How technology is changing the job of an agent and has the potential to put agents out of business. I have always looked at technology as a way to strengthen what the independent agent is doing.

One magnificent use for technology is to generate leads.

Buyers who traditionally would find a local agent, are going online and searching for an agent who can best handle their needs and not necessarily someone who is local.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best way to generate insurance leads online for your agency. 

Social Media Ideas for Insurance Agents

The hardest thing about social media is knowing how it works for your agency. There are all these different sites and everyone is telling you to use social media but no one is making it easy for you to.... Until now.

In this blog post I am going to give you multiple ways you can use social media as an insurance agent. The thing that makes social media hard is also where you get the most value. There are so many ways to use it but the idea is for you to find what will fit your style and use it to further your business.

There are many uses for social media, and you can't do it all. (Well maybe you can) But we really suggest you take a look at our list and find out which style will work with who you are as an agency and drive it home. Let's take a look.

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