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    How The Consumer Shops after a Decade of Transition

    Are you open for business and are you available where consumers are shopping?

    Just a short 10 years ago the entire sales model was different. The seller was in control and the buyer was at the mercy of this model. How was the sales pie cut then vs. now? Our friends from HubSpot, whom we are a partner with have a really good graphic to share on this major shift.

    Are your Sales Communications in Sync with Modern Consumer Buying Styles

    I want to ask you to make an honest assessment of your organization and look at the last month’s opportunities. Did you have the success in closing deals that you were happy with? I find that many of the people I talk to present their solutions in one of three ways.

    They either meet the prospective buyer face to face. Absolutely the best way to conduct business is in person. But often times we find ourselves dealing with opportunities where in person does not work. Either we are too far away or not able to match up schedules or any other numbers of reasons that face to face does not work.

    These are the situations where we slip into the need to use the phone or email. Convenient, yes, effective not so much. If you look at all of your presentations in the last thirty days how many were convenient but maybe not effective?

    In fact email which has become such an easy choice to communicate we often default to this and then we suffer the consequences. Nothing drives me crazier than when one of my associates says that they sent the “quote” by email and never heard back from the prospective buyer. I think nothing shows “I don’t really care” as much as this.

    To effectively sell on something other than just price we have to either educate or solve. And the idea of the price sale is one that will eventually kill your business. 

    First Steps for New Insurance Marketers

    Being new to any organization and heading up the marketing efforts is hard enough. Being in the insurance industry makes it even harder.

    With many old school practices, the hard to understand coverage options, the (what seems like) millions of acronyms used and not lets not forget about the rest of the agency's resentment when we try something new, marketing for an insurance agency can be tough!

    However, it is not impossible to have success. 

    This blog is written to help you achieve success in your marketing efforts for your agency. 

    Going Digital: Where's the Buy-in and Results!?

    You invested in all these programs and not the results you planned for, how’s it possible you’re not growing? 

    You did everything right; you invested, eliminated unused and antiquated materials, implemented a new management system and CRM, trained employees and still…. Nah dah!

    The opportunities are still being missed, workflows and processes not followed. How did it get off target?

    You feel like you did it all and what did they do? It’s just not just them; it’s you too!

    The Best Leads come from using Profiles and Personas in Insurance Inbound Marketing

    You Talking to Me…You Talking to Me?

    Do you remember the famous line from Taxi Driver? Well I wanted to spring form this to the importance of who you are speaking to when you are working on your insurance marketing programs.

    It is important whether it is email, blog or even social media.  The insurance agency we had has been very successful in driving people to our website and converting leads. But in all honesty some of these leads are not what we wanted or needed. Part of this was a result of us flying blind in our inbound marketing efforts. We just started throwing you know what at the wall, hoping something would stick.

    As our marketing programs grew, we realized that in order to create further value, without sucking up more resources, we would need to define who we were talking to and cater the message to them. We did this with profiles and personas.

    We wish we knew this when we Started Marketing our Insurance Agency

    Many agents are getting on board with insurance digital marketing. Agencies are purchasing new websites, joining social media sites, blogging and creating videos. Everything that has been getting pounded into their faces for the past few years. 

    Unfortunately, during this time of "you have to do it" experts have encouraged agents to get on board but  many have not told agents exactly what they should be doing which has left agents with all these new sites but no new business opportunities. 

    We've been there. We went from "we have all this stuff now what do we do with it?" to people asking us what we are doing to get these hundreds of leads. 

    This blog post will discuss all the things we WISH we would have known to start off strong. Hopefully it will save you the early struggles we had.

    Using SEO and Keywords to get the Business You Want

    Many of you who have followed our story know that the our agency has been shaped by digital marketing. The agency was declining year and year and then with the help of digital marketing the agency was saved. Now the agency gets 1000+ yearly, qualified inquiries from digital efforts alone. (You can read our story here)

    A large part of this success was due to using SEO and keywords. By using keywords we were able to carve out our niches and gain access to the markets of our choice. 

    This blog helps you to understand how this works and why you should invest into these practices.

    Is the Insurance Agent Going the Way of the Fuller Brush Salesman?

    Boy I am really showing my age now! Many of you that read this will say “what the heck is a Fuller Brush Salesman?” The Fuller Brush Man was someone who worked for the Fuller Brush Company selling door to door personal grooming items.

    I remember my father who was in sales and sales management always looked down his nose, not at the hard working men and eventually woman who sold their products, but at the sales model itself. Eventually sales, like the milk and bread men, also went away.

    So are we facing the same dilemma as the Local Insurance Agent? Is the way people are shopping different than it was even five years ago?  Clearly we are in waters that we have never swam in before. How do Legacy Sales Models compare to the newer Inbound Sales Model? And what challenges do these present to Independent Insurance Agents?

    Email Marketing for Insurance Agents

    Email marketing has begun to grow in the insurance  industry. Many agents have used it over the past few years but many more are adding it to their marketing tool box. 

    The problem with email marketing for insurance agents, is the same as with social media or any other new marketing strategy. People don't get it, they do not do it effectively and it becomes a waste of time instead of a value to your business. 

    This blog post will help you to see the value in email marketing as well as help you take a couple of steps to making it an effective marketing tool. 

    Insurance Blog Ideas

    Starting a new blog or simply stuck on what to write about? Blogging can be a challenge for any insurance agency. Fortunately it usually only takes an idea to spark a whole lot of content.

    This blog post will help you get started by providing insurance blog ideas for you to write about. Use one or use them all. We included the ideas we found work best for insurance agencies.

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