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    What the Election of "The Donald" Means to Insurance Marketing


    Boy I don’t think anyone saw the election of the POTUS going the way it did. Did you? One thing that is evident from the election even early on is our seismic shift away from traditional channels of communication and towards the power of digital and inbound marketing as well as social media.

    Early on in the primaries we saw some indications of how things were changing. Before Hillary faced Donald, she had to take on Bernie. During the primaries there were some surprises. States that went Bernie that no one predicted going against Hillary. How did that happen? 

    One of the things that contributed to misinformation was that pollsters were depending on traditional ideas of how to measure the electorate. One of the big disconnects was that they polled people with land lines. Do you think today that you can get and accurate picture of our country from only polling those who have a phone tethered to a wall in their house?

    How to Increase Facebook Engagement

    Social media is becoming commonplace for insurance. More and more agents are signing up for Facebook either in hopes of capitalizing on it or simply because their carriers keep nudging them to. 

    One common issue with Facebook however, is getting engagement. Agents are signing up, posting and seeing a whole lot of nothing. Is Facebook really worth all of the trouble if no one is even responding?

    Before you complete give up on Facebook, why not take some time in understanding how to get real engagement. Once you have done this, then you can judge for yourself whether or not Facebook is good for your insurance agency.

    What to do when your Insurance Marketing is not working

    Marketing is a great way to grow your business, retain client or just stay relevant in this every changing marketplace but sometimes it just fails you. No matter if your agency has been effectively marketing for years, trying something new, or just getting into the marketing world, at one point your marketing is bound to fall short. 

    This blog post will help you to explore what the problem is by posing a number of questions for you to ask yourself. 

    Where Insurance Agencies Fail In Marketing Their Business

    Marketing is a way for agents to grow their business in a unique way. It allows agents to get into market places they may not be able to reach by themselves and can make the sales process much easier.  It is also something that most agents do not do very well. 

    Most have gotten into the business for sales, to be entrepreneurs or because the agency was passed down through the family so marketing was never on the "must do list." However, many agents have found that marketing is an important part of growth and retention for their agency. 

    This blog was written to help agents identify what may be wrong in their marketing so that they can use it to grow or strengthen their agency. It will discuss what agencies are missing and how to improve. 

    Pitching and Catching the key to closing marketing leads

    I have to admit I am not the most knowledgeable person in the world when it comes to baseball but I do get excited when it comes to the playoffs and World Series. In fact, I would love to see the Cubs and the Indians meet because one of them would have to win!

    The coordination that is required between pitching and catching is a spot on comparison to the need the dynamics between marketing and sales when it comes to insurance inbound and digital marketing.

    We found on our journey that the process between these two are independent but coordination is critical. So often an effective marketing campaign can become derailed when the sales department is not aligned and leads are lost.

    High quality lead generation for insurance agents

    Successful lead generation for insurance agents is vital to any insurance business. Without new leads to generate
    new business your book will eventually become stagnant leading to a decline in profits. This is a problem faced by many local agencies. They cannot generate new leads and can barely keep their heads above water.

    Our insurance agency was no different. We were declining, and our office was quiet (no phones ringing). That was until we discovered how to generate leads for our agency and begun getting around 100 business opportunities from our website alone.

    Insurance SEO How To

    Insurance agents are scrambling to understand SEO. Many understand that getting found online is important but most have not figured out what it takes to get there. There are many guides that lay out the frame work for SEO but do not actually show you what to do. Knowledge is one thing, but knowing what to do is often the hard part. 

    This blog post will highlight some of the main aspects of insurance SEO and how to implement for success. By the end of this post you should be able to take your next step in implementation.

    How to sell more Insurance using technology

    Selling insurance is obviously a vital aspect for an insurance agency. The problem for most insurance agencies however is that they are stuck. 

    Many small agencies can not afford to bring on another agent, some are swamped but not making enough revenue while others are just stuck on what to do. Regardless of why, this blog post is going to show you a few different ways to help sell more insurance in an efficient way. 

    Insurance Industry Trends and The Effect on Agencies

    Are We About To Meet HAL 9000

    Maybe I am showing my age but I remember meeting HAL, do you? Stanley Kubrick introduced us to him in 1968 in the film “2001 a Space Odyssey.” If you are old enough to remember or young and Geeky enough to remember that movie you realize, with a certain amount of horror that machines take over.

    Do we have to worry about machines taking over? Maybe a little bit. I have been gathering more studies of the direction we are headed in as Independent Insurance agents and found a couple of studies to be extremely on point as to where I see things headed. Most agent and companies are now at least on board that they need to adapt or perish in this new Digital Era.

    I thought I would share in an abbreviated fashion some of the high points I took away from these studies.

    How to Create Facebook Ads

    As your industry drives your business into more online marketing, Facebook advertising will eventually come up. Just like anything, trying something new can be uncomfortable and you may very well have your doubts, but until you create a Facebook ad and try it out, you will never benefit from its potential. 

    Facebook ads are easy to create, inexpensive to purchase, and provides analytics so you can see exactly how well it performed. This blog will take you step by step through the process so that you can reap the benefits of Facebook advertising.

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