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inBuzz Group was formed by four marketing and insurance professionals with long standing reputations in their respective fields. We have developed educational workshops that are geared towards the small business and insurance agency owner that isn't sure where to start or what they should expect from their existing vendors. 

“inBuzz Group educates insurance agents and small business owners on how to take control of their digital marketing.”

Since we all worked in the insurance industry, we in essence were our very own case study for success. We have lived an breathed this journey ourselves and took our lumps along the way. Our experience has made us experts in educating people on where to start their digital marketing journey. Your clients and prospects want to interact with you in a digital way and we can show you where to start them down the inbound marketing path. Instead of the traditional marketing methods that are no longer enough to make your agency grow, we will show you proven ways to have the leads contact you instead. By using an inbound methodology you can attract visitors, convert leads, close customers and delight customers into promoters.


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