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In-House Training

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Jump start your digital practices with in-house training. Get your people on the same page with specialized training on your time. 

Hands-on Workshops

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Get fully immersed into doing business digitally with these hands on, interactive, roll up your sleeves workshops. 

Customized Coaching 

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Get 1 on 1 coaching for your team. Walk hand in hand with an expert as you build your digital presence and sales team.

Speaking & Education

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Use inBuzz to speak at your next event. The speakers at inBuzz educate your audience and take them to the next level.

The marketing minute Series - learning made simple



Our Expertise

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We understand the ins and outs of digital marketing. From social media to blogging and everything in between. We understand each moving part and how they integrate together. We will show you how to get started, as well as where to find the tools and resources you need.

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Every insurance agency owner should have an understanding of how digital marketing works and what the benefits will be to their business. We work with agency leaders to find the right tools needed to implement a strategic plan for staffing, budgeting and task management.

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We work with agency principals and staff to develop your unique selling proposition based on your mission vision and values. Why should someone do business with you? We help your agency paint the picture across digital platforms making you the #1 choice for your audience.

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Omni-channel marketing, targeting ads, remarketing ads, social ads, etc... Is it really all worth your time and money? If you know what you are doing then yes! And we can show your team how to build an advertising strategy that brings your agency a positive ROI.

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You understand that sales has changed, we understand what modern buyers are looking for. From modern selling techniques to digital sales tools such as video proposals, and social media prospecting, we bring our expertise to your sales staff for increased sales in the 21st century.

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What should you blog about? What should you post on social media? What type of videos should we make? How do you stand out? We help you learn how to make your agency stand out plus teach you strategy behind creating the RIGHT type of content.

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Marketing tools, analytic software, CRMs, video software, etc... Implementing digital tools into an organization can become quickly overwhelming. We can help your staff implement and learn new digital tools to tie your marketing and sales efforts together.

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We promise SEO does not stand for “Scaring Everyone Off.” The inBuzz Group can teach you some basic website optimization and keyword skills that everyone with a website should know. With a little skill and patience you can put yourself on page one without buying expensive ads.

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